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My Week Dog-Sitting A Toddler Springer Spaniel

by S1m
Springer Spaniel

I’ve been very quiet on the blogs this week for a good reason!

Can you recall my post about puppy sitting a Springer Spaniel from earlier on in the year? Well, I was asked to help my friend’s mum look after the dogs again whilst my mate suns herself over in Italy for a week… lucky thing!

Times have definitely changed from looking after a gorgeous puppy who liked to sleep by my feet…

Springer Spaniel

He has now been replaced by a Springer Spaniel who is 7 months old… and don’t we know it! He is all legs and teeth and is as fast as a whippet!

Full of energy, as springy as the breed name suggests and requiring more attention than expected, it has been one heck of a knackering week and I am only there 6 hours a day! It has made me appreciate Honey, who simply snores for 22 hours a day even more!

This boy didn’t even keep still so I could capture any decent pictures!

Springer Spaniel

I had started the week with the intentions of working on some Sim’s Life and Travel Guide Blog posts, but I quickly realised that was not going to happen! Not only do the dogs want attention, but my mate’s mum also likes to talk… the company has been lovely though and she is an absolute hoot. We have had some great laughs this week, including a ‘kitchen floor slip’ moment that was YouTube worthy and nearly saw us both face flat on the floor!

I also blame my mate’s mum for getting me hooked on Love Island… the TV show absolutely rots my brain and makes me want to grate my elbow with a cheese grater, but I simply cannot turn away! Albeit I have only watched two episodes, I am totally ‘Team Alex’ for the win!

It is almost 7pm at the time of writing this post and I am utterly exhausted, the week of looking after a toddler Springer Spaniel and his older brother is almost over and my bones are sighing with relief! Next week, normality will resume blogging wise and I can finally tackle my ever increasing to-do list which currently makes me want to hide under my duvet… in the meantime, bring on Love Island! 😉



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Tubbs June 22, 2018 - 10:35 am

Ah, he’s adorable! Such a lovely looking doggie 🙂

Kate June 24, 2018 - 4:57 pm

What a cute dog! Yes Love Island has that affect.. ahh why?

Kate xx


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