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Why Camping Holidays Abroad Are Fun

by S1m
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Whilst the weather in the UK may well be unprecedented and umbrella sales down somewhat in Manchester, there is nothing quite like a holiday abroad. Being able to fully escape away from the chores of daily life and fully immerse yourself in your summer holiday with family is priceless!

Hotel stays are always appreciated, though self-catering holidays are on the up due to costs being slightly cheaper and it being more convenient. Being informed that a hotel breakfast is served at 8am will raise many eyebrows, mine included… who doesn’t enjoy a lie in when on holiday?

Most holiday parcs abroad offer a wide range of accommodation types to suit your need, so let’s have a look at what is available…

Camping holidays where you simply rock up and everything is prepared for you sound ideal. Not having to worry about putting up a tent once you finally arrive, nor put it down when you are due to leave! The perfect holiday to give you the freedom to explore the local area and beyond, without all the usual hassle associated with camping.

Camping Holidays Abroad

Mobile homes offer a more substantial form of accommodation as they offer lots of comfort with added extras. Think a home away from home, with a flat screens TV, DVD player, fridge, dishwasher, air conditioning and a wooden terrace for you to sit out and enjoy your own space. Gas BBQ’s are also available if you wish to enjoy and dine al fresco!

The added benefit of a holiday parc abroad are the activities available to families. Swimming pools, kids clubs, spas and even gyms if you are looking to keep on top of your fitness levels when on holiday. Let’s not forget the actual surroundings of the parcs, most are located in areas that are perfect for those who love to explore and take in all the sight.

I don’t know if this sells the idea of a holiday parc abroad to you, but I’ve sold it to myself… it sounds idyllic right now!

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