3 Reasons Why You Still Need A DVD Player

why you still need a dvd player

Time flies by far too quickly, things change within the blink of an eye and technology updates at the speed of light. Welcome to the 21st century! Gone are the days of rushing out and buying a CD album as soon as it hits the shelves, streaming is the ‘in thing’ these days – the same with DVD’s, but funnily enough, my DVD player is something that is still set up in my lounge in case I need it. I like to move with the times technology wise, but I am old fashioned at heart (and a hoarder), and there are just some items that I cannot get rid of!

3 Reasons Why You Still Need A DVD Player

Internet can go down

Whilst streaming maybe the way forward for both music, tv shows and music, what happens when your internet connection fails? You’re kinda reliant on that to stream and without it, there is no Netflix and Chill time. This is where a DVD player totally triumphs – dependable to the end and ready to fire up instantly and play any DVD of your choice. There was a recent case of Netflix being down which caused some panic and as numbers of people joining streaming services increase, so potentially do the problems regarding stability, you certainly don’t have that problem with a DVD. Unless it’s scratched and has dirt on it, in which case always clean gently with a clean cloth from the middle outwards in small sections!

3 Reasons Why You Still Need A DVD Player

You have a stash of DVD’s

Back in the day I used to work at the Memorex European HQ in London, having joined at a time when VHS and cassette tapes were in the throes of becoming obsolete and DVD-R(W)’s and CD-R(W)’s were taking over the world. I cannot tell you how many millions I shipped whilst there, but it was a lot! We also had an amazing store room that stretched the entire length of our office and as such I still to this day have a garage filled with Memorex goodies (VHS too), including stacks of DVD-RW’s waiting to be used. Fortunately I can donate these to school, doing my bit and de-cluttering my garage in the process… bonus!

Having a spring clean

It’s quite nostalgic to come across an old DVD that brings back fabulous memories and it really does help if you still have a DVD player! There are some great deals on DVD players in HMV for those moments when you want to travel down memory lane. Besides the older generation much prefer something that is simple to use and instantaneous – have you ever tried to teach your parents how to use Netflix or an Amazon Fire Stick? Trust me, stick with DVD’s!

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Why you still need a DVD player


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Kate July 15, 2018 at 10:33 am

We don’t have a DVD player, we have an XBOX that is all singing and all dancing that we can play DVDs on. However when we go on holiday I love it when it has a DVD player as it’s nice to watch DVDs on holiday

Kate xx

S1m July 17, 2018 at 1:28 pm

It’s great that you can play DVD’s on games consoles, we are not gamers in my gaff so totally reliant on an old boy Sony DVD player 🙂

mummyhereandthere July 17, 2018 at 6:23 pm

I have a DVD player though I also have a laptop though better for if what a smaller screen. You can’t always rely on technology and it is good to have a backup plan X


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