Rock Those Curls With The Mark Hill Magic Wand

Rock Those Curls With The Mark Hill Magic Wand

If you are looking to create the ultimate Christmas look, you need a Mark Hill Magic Wand in your life! Loose hair curls, tight hair curls… the choice is yours! Quick and easy to use, this hair curler really is magic!

My hair has been a range of colours over the years and after an age of having salon blonde highlights, decided on a whim to finally home colour my hair back to brunette a while back. Since then, my hair has lightened somewhat due to the years of bleach abuse underneath the darker colour and I have now come to embrace whatever colour it wishes to be… with the exception of greys of course!

Rock Those Curls With The Mark Hill Magic Wand

To help protect my hair from drying out too much, I refrain from washing it every day (that and the fact it takes ages to wash and dry due to being so thick) and tend to wear it up more than not. Unfortunately the school run does not allow the time it takes to be salon ready each morning and some days I can literally get out of bed and walk out of the house without brushing my hair.

You scruffy urchin I hear you cry…

Natural Waves

Alas, no! I have been blessed with hair that allows me to wake up with Farah Fawcett / surf chick hair and after years of wanting straight hair and turning to my trusty GHD’s, I’m now all about rocking the curls!

Mark Hill Magic Wand

Using the Mark HIll Magic Wand Curler

After spending an eternity trying to straighten my hair for the annual army party last weekend, simply walking outside of the gorgeous cottage we stayed in posed a problem… it was absolutely bucketing it down. I knew the heatwave wouldn’t last, but did it seriously have to rain like it has never rained before on that particular day? Fortunately my trusty Snowdonia jacket kept me dry for the most part, but there was no saving the hair and in the end I even gave up on the jacket! Alas, photography at the party is prohibited for obvious reasons… grrrr!

Mark Hill Magic Wand

The straight locks were no more and I had no choice but to rock the curls all day, which prompted me to invested in a curl wand on my return home. I’m eager to try my new Mark Mill Magic Wand (currently on sale at Boots) and have a play around with new hairstyles.

Mark Hill Magic Wand

This is part of the deal to myself to #BeMoreWitWitWoo and rock what I have! Clearly the heat from the Mark Hill Magic Wand will play havoc with my hair, so I also invested in some TRESemme Primer Protection Spray (also currently on sale at Boots for £3.05) to protect my hair whilst perfecting styles.

Mark Hill Magic wand


I’ve used the Mark Hill Magic Wand several times now and absolutely love the results. I very quickly realised after the first attempt that I need to invest in a heat mitt because the burnt fingers aspect is not fun! The wand really quickly gives the desired results and gives you the opportunity to adapt the temperature from 120oC up to 200oC. I don’t think I did too badly after a brush through…

Mark Hill Magic Wand

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Rock Those Curls With The Mark Hill Magic Wand


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  1. Sophie

    Love the idea of this I haven’t rocked a curl for a while but it adds so much volume to my hair I need to do it more!

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