Find The Time To Relax With A Good Book This Summer

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relax with a good book

There is something quite special about finding the time to relax with a good book, unfortunately it does not happen as often I would like!

However, there was no excuse when Liv and I toddled off on our staycation to the Ironbridge Gorge Museums in Telford, Llandudno and Hereford. An utterly random mix of travel destinations, however with the heatwave we experienced over the summer, it made perfect sense to stay and holiday in the UK!

With enough clothes packed for a month (and any eventuality if the weather turned), I made sure I still had space for the fabulous box of reading paraphernalia, including a copy of The Wrong Knickers by Bryony Gordon.

Find The Time To Relax With A Good Book This Summer

Find The Time To Relax With A Good Book This Summer

There was everything needed to enjoy some much needed reading time whilst away on our travels and I was going to grasp every opportunity! The book was a recommendation from fellow blogger Rhian… no pressure! Rhian first read the book whilst on a Trek America trip to Hawaii and is reminded of the beaches and camp sites each time she reads the book. Such fond memories to have, simply from reading a book!

Reading is the perfect form of escapism, allowing you to travel via the words in a book without the need of moving from the comfort of your own home. We take ourselves back in time with the aid of history books, play detective when reading crime thrillers and have renewed hope when reading scorching romance novels. You can fully let your imagination run away with you, but what better place to immerse yourself in a good read than on the beach, in fully relaxed mode!

relax with a good book

Did I manage to get downtime in order to relax with a good book this summer? Unfortunately the realilty was somewhat different to how I had imagined my reading time. Alas, I did not lounge on the beach with my new sunhat, getting lost in The Wrong Knickers – the book follows the life of the author Bryony Gordon, a journalist for the Telegraph as she hilariously attempted to navigate life through her twenties. I am sure we will have all found ourselves in similar situations when we were that age and it has been a fantastic read, allowing me to escape back to my own twenties. Revisiting old hopes, dreams and bumps in the road that have made me the person I am today.

It really is a great read, whether you are jetting off this summer or not! Thank you for the great recommendation Rhian!

relax with a good book

Time spent reading and colouring, outside in the stunning gardens of our first hotel was a necessity as the room was horrible. This is were reading The Wrong Knickers commenced, complete with Hallmark Itty Bittys too! Bliss! The reading torch included in the pack helped me retain my sanity in the evenings when Liv was trying to sleep and I found that nighttime was my only respite for reading.

Days were spent exploring, playing in the sea, navigating museums and then shooting handguns and rifles in a field whilst drenched through due to a crazy thunderstorm. Don’t worry, we haven’t turned that crazy (yet), it was an organised Army party, the bullets were paint pods and the targets, zombies!

relax with a good book

We did it though, it was a total Single Mum win and whilst I may not have had as much time to read as I would have liked, we made some awesome memories and cannot wait to return! I had organised, paid for and prepared everything myself, without Liv knowing so that it was all a complete surprise. Yes, the weather and meeting up with good friends for the final stretch of our holiday really did make it, but we proved that you can have an awesome time when having a staycation in the UK – holidaying as a single parent family can be made easy, just don’t forget to pack a good book!

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Stephanie 139a August 14, 2018 at 10:04 pm

Sounds a great book – and great title too! – and love the hat and reading ideal, I start with those too and then by the time I get into a book just want to get it read any which way! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo


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