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Gangster School 2: The Brotherhood Of Brimstone Review

by S1m
The Brotherhood of Brimstone

You may recall that we reviewed debut author Kate Wiseman’s first book Gangster School earlier in the year and it was a big hit with Liv. Well, I am pleased to say the wait for the next instalment of the Gangster School series is finally over!

Let me introduce The Brotherhood Of Brimstone, the second book in the fantastic Gangster School series.

Trouble is definitely brewing once again at Blaggard’s School for Tomorrow’s Tyrants, but can much loved characters (and students at the school) Milly Dillane and Charlie Partridge save the day to restore normality at the school?

The story follows Milly and Charlie on an epic adventure to locate Sir Byron’s Brain, a priceless legendary diamond that has simply vanished. The diamond holds such power that if it leaves the school grounds that Blaggard’s will cease to exist and be destroyed forever… and the head teacher Greselda Martinet will be obliterated.

Sounds tense? It gets worse…

The Brotherhood of Brimstone

Blaggard’s is expecting a dreaded school inspection at any point by the mysterious Chief Inspector of Criminal Schools, Dr. X, but no one knows what he looks like!

Suspecting the horridly evil Brotherhood of Brimstone, an ancient secret society as the culprits of the theft, Milly and Charlie have an adventure and a half in front of them. Though, their clever canine sidekicks, Gruffles the stinky dog who belongs to Charlie and Wolfie the robot dog we met in the first instalment are there to help too.

Blaggard’s is the world’s best school for trainee villains and the students have some serious skills when it comes crime, but will their knowledge be enough to locate the diamond and save the school… plus, figure out who Dr. X is?

It’s great to see the return of our favourite characters Milly and Charlie as they embark on even more villainous adventures to save the day… and in this case, Blaggards! The book is again aimed at children aged 6-10 years but a child of 8 years plus will easily sit down in a comfy spot and read this without putting it down. The writing flows more freely in the second instalment and it’s very easy to recall the characters from the first book in the series. At 203 pages, it’s a decent read for either a mammoth reading session or to keep coming back to. Liv took this on our travels and enjoyed reading this in the evenings whilst debriefing about our day, even making use of my new bookmark!

I am not going to offer any spoilers, so I cannot say as to whether the mighty duo manage to save the day, but they certainly put into use a lot of the skills they have learned from lessons at Blaggard’s! The interactions between the pair are great and it’s fabulous to have a female and male crime fighting duo… we all know girls have more common sense!

When is The Brotherhood of Brimstone Available?

Brought to you by publishers Zuntold, Kate Wiseman’s latest book, Gangster School 2: The Brotherhood of Brimstone is available to purchase from Monday 24th September 2018 priced at £6.99 (paperback). You can pre-order your copy from Amazon. You can find out more about author Kate Wiseman and what inspires her here. Follow Kate over on Twitter for more updates on the book and join in the excitement when it is release day!

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