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2018 School Run Fashion for the Busy Mum

by S1m

The kid’s summer holidays are nearly over. You can almost hear everyone, kids included, breathing a sigh of relief. Understandably, most of us are going a little stir crazy. The initial excitement of being able to spend 24/7 together has worn off. The finances are stretched and most families have pretty much run out of interesting things to do and see together.

So, pretty much everyone is happily getting ready for the return to school. Part of that preparation is new clothes for you and the kids. For the children, it is pretty easy, a new school uniform, shoes, a coat and maybe a new schoolbag.

But, for you, things are a bit more complicated. You need clothes for the school run that are still going to be fashionable in a few months time and are also suitable for everyday wear. To help you with this here are a few tips and suggestions.

school run

Fashion forward footwear for autumn and winter

Most retailers are already starting to stock autumn and winter footwear. A pair of comfortable closed in shoes with a reasonably low-heel is perfect for the walk to school. This style of shoe is also ideal for your teenage daughter. Fortunately, for 2018, most shoe designers have included block heel pumps in their collections. Most of these have heels that are low enough to meet the school’s dress code. They are really comfortable for walking.

If you like boots, now, is as good a time as any to buy a new pair. That way, if it is raining on the first day back to school you will be ready for it and not get wet feet. For 2018, scrunch boots are set to be the big trend. This 80s style boot looks good whether you wear them with jeans, leggings or a skirt.

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Update your jumper collection

Now is a good time to get your jumpers out, give them a wash and make sure that they look good with your current cold weather wardrobe. If you need to, treat yourself to a couple of new ones. Check out the latest knitwear trends to make sure you choose jumpers and cardies that will see you looking stylish and trendy throughout this autumn and winter.

A new coat

If your coat has seen better days, treat yourself to a new one. There are some lovely looking calf-length coats available in the shops right now. Many of them are made from pure wool. So, even on the coldest days, you will be able to stay nice and warm. Don’t forget to buy a new hat and gloves to complete your look.

School run


Anyone who knows me knows that I practically live in jeans. They are ideal for the school run. Comfortable, practical, stylish, hardwearing and best of all they keep the cold out. Around this time of the year, I typically treat myself to at least one new pair.

Wider fits are becoming more easily available, but, most retailers appear to still be stocking a fairly good range of skinny cut ones as well. This year, torn jeans are quite popular. These look great, but they may not be practical for the school run. Later in the year, when it is snowing or windy you may regret buying them.

More outfit and clothes shopping guides

If you found this back to school fashion guide useful, you will likely enjoy this one too. It is all about putting together the ultimate festival outfit. Outfits that only need the addition of a jumper and boots to work just as well for autumn days out with the family.

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