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How To Enjoy A Spa Experience In Your Own Home

by S1m
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The summer holiday break is almost over and the back to school run will be upon us in the blink of an eye. It’s very hard to get ‘you’ time when children are your shadow all summer and I am only now breaking free of my holiday retirement!

A friend and I did get some grown up time over the holidays and we put that time to fabulous use… by attending a spa day! Deep tissue back, shoulder and necks massages, alongside a deluxe pedicure and time in the steam room with your buddy is the most amazing way to spend some downtime and I cannot wait for our next jaunt to The Village Spa (review to follow).

If you do not have the luxury of attended a local spa, then here are some tips on how to enjoy a spa experience in your own home!

spa experience

Enjoy the peace and quiet

It’s no fun being interrupted every two minutes when you are trying to relax and have a pamper. This is why locks on bathroom doors are always very handy! Ask your partner to take your children out for a treat or arrange a sleepover at grandparents to ensure you have a tranquil atmosphere.

Stock up on your favourite pamper products

Treat yourself to lots of lovely organic skincare and body products to truly immerse yourself in the full spa experience and maximise your wellbeing. The benefits of a much needed pamper session are limitless – don’t forget to invest in bath bubbles too!

spa experience


Let there be light

To create a spa setting, ensure you use candles as opposed to full on main room lights. Candles are an essential item in the de-stress process and create a calming influence. Softly scented candles are the way to go for the ultimate relaxation treat and it is the perfect excuse to completely indulge yourself.

Dressing down for the occasion

What spa experience is complete without a giant, fluffy dressing gown to relax in after your pamper? This gorgeous sheepy robe, complete with hood from Next is super luxurious and comfy, the most fitting dressing gown to wear after a pamper session.

I hope these tips help you prepare for the ultimate pamper session!

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