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Why Hiring a Hog Roast Machine for Your Wedding is a Good Idea

by S1m

When it comes to feeding your wedding guests, there are plenty of options. Increasingly, brides and grooms are opting to take care of their wedding catering themselves. They enjoy the flexibility this gives them and the fact that, often, feeding their guests in this way is far cheaper.

The idea of doing all of that work can seem daunting. But, provided you take advantage of the innovative forms of catering that are now available, it is actually far easier than you think.

One option that is well worth considering is hiring a hog roaster for your wedding. You can find state of the art machines on this website. This particular firm has been leasing out spit roasters for more than a decade, so they know what they are doing. Their website contains lots of advice about how to cater for a lot of guests by doing most of the cooking using a top-end hog roaster.


Cook far more than just roasted pork

Modern spit roasters are designed so that you can cook most kinds of meat in them. If you have a lot of guests to feed, you could hire two machines. One could be delivered pre-loaded with a whole hog, while the other could have other meats loaded into it.

A row of spit-roasted chickens, turkeys, beef or lamb joints looks just as impressive as a whole hog does. They taste wonderful too. Anything, you cook in a spit roaster is constantly turning, so the juices stay in the meat rather than escaping, which means that everything you cook in them is very succulent.

Once cooked the meat can be served with any style of side dish you like. Some people lay out a cold buffet, while others ask a local catering to provide them with a range of vegetables, gravies, and potatoes. This opens up the opportunity to serve your guests a roast dinner style meal. You can find plenty of hog roast side dish recipes, online.


Feed a lot of people without spending a fortune

If you do decide to serve a whole hog or pork joints, the cost of feeding your guests will not be high. Pork is still the cheapest meat and a medium sized hog will easily feed 80 wedding guests.

Simply flick the switch and leave it to cook

Cooking in this way requires very little preparation or time. A good hog roast hire firm will provide you with the meat and be prepared to load it into the machine if you ask them to do so.

All you have to do is to plug it in and turn it on at the right time. The hiring firm will tell you when that is and explain how to check that everything is cooking as it should. Usually, you just need to open the lid once, maybe twice, during the cooking process to make sure the spit is turning and that all the meat is still sitting on the spits properly.

A lot of brides and grooms ask a friend or member of the family to take care of the actual cooking and serving of the food. This leaves them free to relax, mingle with their guests and enjoy their day.

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