The Best Road Trip Routes Throughout Europe

The Best Road Trip Routes Throughout Europe

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Everyone has returned from their summer vacations now and are excitedly discussing their breaks away. Some have jetted off to even sunnier climes and some, like me have either enjoyed staycations to enjoy our glorious summer or packed up and driven around Europe at their own convenience. You can check out our staycation breaks over on Travel Guide Blog.

The Best Road Trip Routes Throughout Europe

Whilst travelling is easier these days with the likes of budget airlines (though watch out for the added extras) and super speed train lines, trips away in your own car are always more memorable. Whilst most complain about motorways such as the M6, there is nothing quite like driving around Europe. Not only are the roads much smoother and easier to navigate, but the lack of traffic and stunning scenery make a European road trip much more enjoyable!

Whilst we may have Tebay services on the way to the Lake District which is a definite photo opportunity, let’s check out some of The Best Road Trip Routes Throughout Europe!

Trollstigen, Norway

The Best Road Trip Routes Throughout Europe

What you may see as a squiggle is actually a 4 mile section of road featuring eleven hairpin bends as it climbs up to Stigrøra, 858 metres above sea level. One of the most famous National Tourist Routes, this impressive 4 mile stretch can take 2- 3 hours to navigate as you can take in its fully beauty at designated viewpoints such as the Trollstigen platform and two viewpoints which were designed by Reiulf Ramstad architects. A smaller 4×4 makes traversing the pass much easier – though expect to meet other drivers and cyclists on your journey too! As the road is closed throughout late Autumn and all of Winter, Summer is your best opportunity to experience this breathtaking journey. The nearest airport is Molde Airport, Aro.

Route 1, Iceland

road trip route 1

Visiting Iceland would not be complete without taking in the stunning scenery via a road trip around the country on Route 1 (Ring Road), one of the countries most popular attractions. Whilst most ‘must drive’ routes throughout Europe can be navigated in a few hours, to make the most of Route 1 ( (828 miles), expect your journey take at least a week! With attractions such as The Blue Lagoon, geysers, Gullfoss Waterfall, you will definitely want to take your time enjoying the sights. A stop off must is the site of the Solheimasandur Plane Crash where a United States Navy DC-3 plane crashed on the beach in 1973. The wreckage is one of Iceland’s most iconic photography spots. Road trip tip: petrol stations are few and far between along the lengthy Route One road so be sure to fill up whenever you see one. Most are self service and require payment via credit card. Nearest airport: Reykjavik.

Route 500, Germany

Black Forest road trip

One of Germany’s oldest roads, Route 500  meanders deep through the Black Forest, offering drivers the view of a lifetime and a smooth ride through the mountains. There are so many opportunities to stop and simply take in the breathtaking views alongside taking pictures for life long memories. The route is 40 miles (70km) and takes approximately an hour, but stop off points include the Mummelsee lake and the Gutachtal Bridge (Gutachtalbrücke). This is a hugely popular route for motorcycles, though they are banned from certain segments of the route so ensure you research the route before setting off on your road trip down Route 500! To make the most of the trip, visit in Summer for more daylight and safer roads. Nearest airport: EuroAirport Basel, Frankfurt Airport, Stuttgart.

road trip

Whilst this may have given you inspiration of where to head off on your next road trip adventure, it goes without saying that it’s imperative you have your car fully checked before embarking on your trip. Get your tyres, oil, brakes, bulbs and more checked at Kwik Fit. European road laws are somewhat different to those in the UK and you may find you need to stock up on a few extra accessories before you set off.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration to help you plan your desired route around Europe! Happy travels from Sim’s Life!

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