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Remembering The Awesome BlogOn Toys Event

by S1m
BlogOn Toys

The BlogOn weekend is always a fantastic – a great excuse to catch up with friends old and new and check out the latest items – in yesterday’s case, it was all about toys, just in time for Christmas!

Thanks to the great promotion behind all the brands and some items that would be in attendance at BlogOn Toys, Liv sent me to the event armed with a list of items on her ‘most wanted’ list.

Always a huge fan of collectables and soft plush toys, with a combination of raffle wins and talking to lots of lovely PR’s in the brand den situated on the ground floor of Hotel Football I arrived home with an amazing selection of items.


The day was amazing as always and I always find I talk far too much to ever find time to visit a session but I believe the sessions yesterday were fantastic. The week running up to the event is always manic as Jenny and I spend two days with Laura (and this time Alice) bag packing the jam packed BlogOn Toys goodie bags filled with amazing treats for the attendees… and then we wake up super early to arrive and be ready to check everyone in. Checking in is a great way to see everyone and have a quick chat, but once over, there is an immediate switch and tiredness already sets in. Apologies to the people we speak to just after checking everyone in as I’m not sure how much sense we make! 😉


Prosecco courtesy of the Coop

There were some amazing brands and PR’s in attendance at BlogOn Toys including: Nintendo, Paladone, Sambro, John Adams Toys, Brainstorm Ltd, Recreation Toys, Hotter Shoes, ZURU, Wire PR, Lumie, Spin Master, Playtime PR, Coop and more… many more! A huge thanks to everyone who attended, who I rambled to and who I am working with on the Christmas Gift Guide and beyond!

BlogOn Toys

Nice to see Match Attax in attendance and have a chat with a fellow Chelsea fan!

There were lots of giveaways on the day and I was amazed to win the super cute Cookie Monster Me So Hungry from the Sambro stand by correctly guessing how many cookies were in the jar. Cookie Monster is a huge hit with Liv… but so are the cookies!


We attempted to recreate the famous Blogger Lift Selfie and the smiles prove how much fun everyone has having!


I am very excited to be featuring the Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise Puppy from ZURU in the Christmas Gift Guide – available in a range of different animals, I can see the colourful soft plush toys will be a huge hit this Christmas!


There really was so much inspiration regarding toys for Christmas 2018 at the BlogOn Toys event. I would have loved all the same toys Liv does when I was her age, so it’s relatively easy to choose gifts for her these days. Another item that is going to be a huge hit this year is the Real Talking Harry Potter Sorting Hat – now, I didn’t actually win this but somehow managed to come home with it! Chosen as the overall winner of the BlogOn Toy Awards, this was actually won by Jane from A Little Lyrical, however as I managed to snaffle the prize she wanted in the raffle, the greatest BlogOn swap ever ensued… two happy ladies and many happy children me thinks!


I’m now trying to get back into gear after the weekend – there are still lots of smiles with fond memories of one of the most awesome weekends of the year. If I didn’t get the chance to speak to you, make sure you stop me next time so we can have a chinwag! Until the next BlogOn event in May!x


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Jenny @thebrickcastle September 19, 2018 - 1:18 pm

It was a great do once again – and I’m so happy for you that you won so much. I can’t believe I didnt win anything again, the odds were so good 😀
I love that lift selfie, and it’s hilarious I was the only one had to dip down! 😀

S1m September 24, 2018 - 3:05 pm

I was gutted for you not winning anything and felt terrible that I was lucky 🙁 The raffle gods will shine on you next time my love xx

Jane A Little Lyrical September 24, 2018 - 2:18 pm

I’m sure the sorting hat will be a great hit in your house! A pleasure as always to see you at Blogon and to be able to sort out a raffle prize swap! Whoop!

S1m September 24, 2018 - 2:36 pm

You were an absolute star, thank you for doing the swap – I know all the children will be delighted with it 🙂 xx Always fab to see you xx


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