Easy Ways to Personalise your New Handbag


The other day I was looking at the top designer handbags and realised that I quite liked this year’s bag styles. So, I could be treating myself to a new one. Provided I choose wisely, I will likely use it every day for a month or two. But, after a while I will usually get a bit bored with it and it will end up sitting in the wardrobe. That would be a shame especially when it is so easy to brighten up a bag and give it a new lease of life.

Add your own ornamentation

It is surprising what a difference adding something extra to the outside of a bag has. Even tying a nice scarf to one of the handles can make a huge difference to how it looks. Adding a decorative toggle or ornament to the zips is another easy way to freshen up a bag you have grown a bit bored of.

Add a design to your handbag

If your bag is made from fabric you can potentially personalise it using a design you create. This can be done using fabric dye pens. Just be careful to check that the bag is properly dry before you use your bag. It may also be wise to fix the design in place and protect it from the rain with a waterproofing spray.

Other embellishments

Or, you could use embroidery or your other craft skills to add a design to the outside of your bag. But, bear in mind that you are likely to have to remove the lining completely to be able to complete this task.


Renew the lining

In some cases, the easiest approach is to remove the lining completely and replace it with something else. A handbag organiser is ideal for this. You just need to tack it in place.

In fact, if you have a bag that you do not use because it does not have enough compartments, consider buying one. Often, a handbag organiser turns a bag you hate using because you can never find what you need into own that is actually practical for you to use.

Change the strap

If the strap is worn or a bit boring it is relatively easy to replace it. Often, you can pick up an old handbag with a good strap from your local charity shop. Handles that are worn can easily be re-covered. Changing the colour of the straps and handles is an easy way of freshening up bag.

Restore the leather

If you have an old leather handbag that is too ratty for you to use anymore, consider getting it restored. Older satchel and tote style bags have a timelessness about them, which means they never completely go out of style.

So, most of them really are worth restoring and using for another few years. If you have the patience and the time you could even do the job yourself. Once you have finished, you can either keep it to use yourself or sell it online.

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