How You Can Save Money This Christmas

How You Can Save Money This Christmas

The festive period will be upon us in a matter of weeks and whilst most shoppers will have been stocking up for a while, some have yet to start. Everyone loves a bargain and at this time of year Sales are in full swing and there are many ways to save money this Christmas!

How You Can Save Money This Christmas

One crucial point about Christmas that we all can so easily forget when we are blinded by all the twinkly lights in shops is that Christmas is about spending time with those we care about… and in some cases, Aunties twice removed we haven’t seen since last Christmas!

Let’s have a look at ways in which you can save money this Christmas…

save money this Christmas

Use coupons to save Christmas money

It is relatively easy to find discount codes when shopping online, which add up to savings on your purchases, free delivery or even both! Sites such as VoucherCloud or DontPayFull offer discounts for most mainstream retailers so it is well worth a look to see if you can save money on items you were already going to purchase. Sign up to their newsletter and receive regular updates on the latest discounts.

Earn cashback on what you spend at Christmas

I am a huge advocate of cashback sites such as TopCashBack, especially for online purchases I was already going to make. Use the site to visit the retailer you wish to shop with an earn a percentage of your purchase back. Retailers offer different cashback incentives on items, with the ability to save your cashback up, to easily withdraw when you wish. Saving up through the year to withdraw at Christmas is something I do each year and is a nice little bonus!

Save money this Christmas

Save money this Christmas and earn money at the same time

Preparing for Christmas always involves a huge tidy up and what better time to sell items you may not need anymore! Make space for new items by selling unwanted items on online auction sites, get cash for gold and proving people will buy anything, you can even make money from selling toilet roll tubes! What you may think of as trash is always someone’s treasure!

Give the gift of your time at Christmas

Christmas isn’t all about buying the most expensive present you can find, your time and attention is a priceless commodity and is much more appreciated! I’ve already put a ban on unnecessary present giving this Christmas after watching Martin Lewis’ recent programme. The guy has it absolutely spot on, everyone’s circumstances are different and no-one should be worrying about having to gift like for like and the cost incurred. Go out and have a coffee with a friend whilst window shopping as opposed to buying a £20 bath salts set because you feel you need to.

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save money this Christmas

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