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I finally got round to buying Liv her own Christmas Eve box last week. It’s not something we tend to do generally, choosing to wait for all the excitement of presents on Christmas Day, but how could I resist this personalised box? It will look fantastic under the tree, but now the problem lies with actually filling the box with stocking fillers!

Stocking fillers

Pyjamas seem to be the number 1 item to include in a Christmas Eve box and there will certainly be a bar of Milka Oreo chocolate in there, but what toys to also include?

It’s best to include small stocking filler type gifts in a Christmas Eve box… start small and work your way up to the main presents on Christmas Day. Though, with so much on offer stocking filler wise, where do you even start?

We were recently sent a bag of Zuru goodies aimed at boys and girls, goodies that make awesome stocking filler and Christmas box ideas!

Stocking fillers

The Zuru range features: Oosh Slime and Oosh Putty – I don’t know about your house but it these gift ideas are handy if you want to retain all your hand soap and never hear the word ‘Borax’ again. I have lost count of the times Liv has tried to (unsuccessfully) make her own slime. These should keep her busy for some time! Alongside the 5 Surprise which resembles a Terry’s Chocolate, with 5 segments filled with toys.

Gifts for boys including: Robo Alive, a cool little battery operated Spider that is very life like! Smashers, a fun collectable which allows you to rebuild and re-smash the eyeballs and also 5 Surprise aimed at boys.

Zuru Toys really do have a fabulous selection of gift inspiration for Christmas, but Liv’s ultimate favourite is ‘Tangle’. I was made aware of this super cool, fidget toy at a recent BlogOn event and it has hardly been out of Liv’s hand since! To the point that I actually credit the Tangle toy with reducing the time Liv spends biting her nails.

Stocking fillers

Tangle is so much more than just a distraction toy though, it is fully collectable with many colours and designs available. The best part? I can make a Tangle as small as you wish and connect together more Tangle toys in order to make it as large as you wish. Totally interchangeable, you can be as creative as you wish when it comes to Tangle play. Easy to pull apart and super easy to click back together, Tangle toys are very bright and engaging and perfect for little fidgets!

I personally think Tangle toys from Zuru are awesome, Liv loves them and they do not cost the Earth when it comes to stocking up on the collectable!

You can purchase Tangle collectables, alongside a whole host of Zuru products from toy retailers such as The Entertainer or Amazon – with just over two months to go until Christmas Day, now is your time to stock up!

stocking fillers

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