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Could You Be Savvy When It Comes To Pet Ownership: Here’s What To Think About

by S1m

Sometimes it is worth remembering that having a pet in your life can actually be very transformational for you. Owning more than one can often feel like it will be an expensive affair, but the love and companionship you get from one or more pets in your life can often outweigh the financial side of things. Whether you choose to have one dog or cat, one of each or more than one of them, then you can often feels that there comes much more responsibility.

However, a lot of people wonder that with pet ownerships is there even a chance to be a little more frugal with the spending. After all, much like a child, a pet needs things. They need food, shelter, a place to sleep at night, and of course, there is no hiding from the fact that all of that costs money. So I wanted to share with you some of the things that you could consider that can help you to become more savvy with your spending when it comes to owning pets.


Consider where your pets will sleep

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand that you pet needs to slot into your lifestyle. There is no point making big and dramatic changes to your life just because you want a dog. Moving home so that you feel you have enough space just to accommodate doesn’t make financial sense. Besides, who needs those extra mortgage payments? So you may want to think about where you pets will sleep and spend the majority of their time, and making space in your current home for them. It might be that you consider buying one big bed rather than separate ones, if you have multiple pets. Or consider a kennel outside for a dog, if you have the space and area to accommodate, rather than using the inside of your home. It is an important element when it comes to your pet, so you will need to give it careful consideration.

Think about the food your pets will eat

Pet food isn’t the cheapest is it? But you will still feel like you have a responsibility to ensure that you gives your pets, be that dogs, cats or whatever, the best you can afford. It’s the same with children, you will only want to do what is best for them. However, the costs can spiral out of control, especially if you buy into different brands that say they can offer different things. A great tip to save money on the pet food is to actually consider buying in bulk. It may feel like a big expense at first, but over the time it takes to use it, there can be huge savings. You might also want to take the time to seek out discount codes and vouchers chores specific pet food brands you want to buy. Using these, especially when buying in bulk, could give you some very big savings, and help you overall save money. Also, buying snacks for your dogs at markets can also be a big saver. Bones, etc, for dogs can be costly in the supermarket, but buying them from a normal market can give you some savings.


Consider the routine you will have in place

Let’s be practical for a moment shall we? Our routine doesn’t necessarily need to change when it comes to owning a pet, and while you may want to ensure they have all of the right gear, there are things you can do to your usual routine that can help you save money in the process. For example, going to the shops doesn;t need to be a trip in your car, it can actually be a walk with your dog. Saving on petrol and also enhancing your lifestyle in the process. Maybe you have cats, and find that being out at work all day isn’t ideal for them, but yet having people checking in on your pets can be costly. This is when an investment in a cat flap could be ideal for you and your cats. There are some quite trendy looking cat flaps you can buy these days so they don’t need to be an eyesore either. Overall if you make little changes to how you do things, you can find that pet ownership not only transforms your life, but can have you saving a little money in the process.

Take into account everything your pet will need

There will be a lot of things that your pet will need. From the moment you decide you want one in your life, right through the ownership of your pet. Many pets last ten years and beyond, so you need to think about your budgets and also make points of saving on certain things that they will need or things that will need replacing regularly. For example, pet beds, pet food, leads for dogs etc. So finding the best possible deals online is going to be one of the best methods to save money on this. Using websites like eBay is always going to be recommended. Not only can you pick up some amazing new things, but actually buying decent second hand items can also give you a big saving. Also heading to car boot sales and markets means that you may be able to pick things up a discounted price. We have already mentioned using codes and vouchers for food, but this can also work really well with other items you need for your pets.

Will your lifestyle change with pet ownership?

Finally, will your lifestyle change? The answer is possibility yes. Not only will you make different choices about staying out late, or leaving for the weekend on a moments notice. You will also be more active, especially if you have a dog, thanks to the daily walking. You will be making active choices to do things differently and you will not only see a change in yourself, but also savings that are being made with your financials.

I hope that these tips help you when it comes to being savvy when owning a pet.

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