Traveling With Kids: Simple Ways To Keep Them Busy And Useful Advice For Parents

Traveling With Kids: Simple Ways To Keep Them Busy And Useful Advice For Parents

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Whether it may be a long car ride or an overseas flight, travelling with kids can be difficult and stressful at times. Especially when very young, it may not be easy to keep them calm and entertained throughout the entire trip. With a little preparation ahead of time, a list of traditional games and even a few downloaded movies, cartoons, TV shows and games on mobile devices, keeping kids busy during the journey can become a little easier.

For long car rides, many people opt for traditional games to keep the mind active and the kids from getting too bored and restless. A few games that are perfect for allowing time to fly by during long trips are: the licenses plate game, where everyone must write down the number of every international or out-of-state license plate they see; I spy and 20 questions.

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A few other great ideas for keeping kids busy are activity and colouring books which are a fun and creative way to occupy time. Some of these games also work well during long flights and another great solution are pre-downloaded movies and cartoons. Thanks to the many different streaming services available today, it is possible to watch shows and movies anywhere on any preferred device, even offline. Most platforms offer a section with family content: the new streaming service Chili has a lot of children’s movies, like Shrek for example.

There are also a few things parents can do to prepare for long trips ahead of time as well as essential things to pack. If flying, it can be a good idea to pick flight times during their sleep hours. This may ensure that kids spend most of the flight sleeping as they’ll be tired and ready for bed anyways. For long road trips, it’s a good idea to make frequent stops and let the kids walk around outside of the car. As for packing, a few essentials to always keep on hand when travelling are: snacks, wet wipes, water, extra clothes, toothbrush, medicine, comfy clothes and a blanket and pillow if possible.

travelling with kids

Anything can happen when travelling with kids, you never know when someone might feel sick and need some medicine or spill something and need a change of clothes. Carrying a blanket, pillow and a pair of pyjamas can help make the journey a bit more comfortable. Packing plenty of healthy snacks is also a great idea to satisfy hungry kids at any time.

It is no secret that children at a young age can be restless and eager, always searching for something to do or play with. Another way to find out how to keep children calm during trips is to learn from other parents what works well for their kids. They will certainly offer great advice and knowledge through their first-hand experience! So travelling can become difficult during long car rides and flights but with a few essential tips and tricks to keep them comfortable and entertained, it can be manageable and pleasant.

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