There’s Nothing Better Than Having The Craic With Friends And Family


Craic is an Irish word commonly used in the English language to describe fun, news and/or gossip. It’s usually used in positive terms when speaking about good times, the like of which we have with friends and family.

A good night out can cure any negative feelings brought on by life’s usual ups and downs. Time with loved ones, drowning sorrows, having a sing-a-long or just letting your hair down and acting a little bit silly can be all that anyone needs for a positive mindset.

Equally, you can have the craic for craic’s sake, meaning that you have a good time for absolutely no other reason than because you want to (at the risk of sounding like Billie Piper). Life is for living and living makes a life!

Going Away with Friends

Is there anything better than a weekend away with your closest friends? It doesn’t matter where you are or where you go, you can guarantee you will be coming back with a Rolodex of stories to tell (and stories you won’t want telling). Whether it’s reminiscing what Mary got herself into or reminding John about his merry antics, it’s all good fun!

You don’t have to spend a fortune for a memorable weekend away – in fact, a cost-friendly stay in a caravan can make for the perfect setting. With all the amusements and facilities conveniently located onsite, your party can focus all of their attention on simply having the craic!



Heading directly to the pub once you leave work on a Friday evening is a great British tradition that has been observed for centuries. Nothing tastes better than that first sip of lager after a busy week at work, surrounded by friends. If it’s summer, the experience is only made better by sitting out in the beer garden until late.

As everyone knows, the pub is the home of craic. This is where friends and family often come together to settle down and have a laugh with one another. If you are a sports fan, no doubt you have found yourself watching one of the many screens as a mate gets another round in. Sport, drink, friends and a good atmosphere – what could be better?

A Night In

You don’t necessarily have to leave the house to enjoy the craic. It isn’t something that is exclusively outside because, as you already know, you can have a good time in the comfort of your own home with those that you most care about.

Put on your favourite film or box set, order a takeaway in and sit down and relax on the sofa cuddled up with your nearest and dearest. Craic doesn’t have to mean being loud and having the drinks flowing because there are many different ways to have fun. If your ideal night is sat in front of the television, then who are we to say any different?

Social Media/Gaming

In the present day, social media means that we can easily talk and play games with our friends without actually having to meet up with them. With Facebook, Twitter and even popular streaming platforms such as Twitch, we can see and hear friends and family – as long as we have a reliable internet connection, of course.

The video games industry is something that has added a social aspect over the last 10 years, with players now able to enjoy online multiplayer modes with friends anywhere in the world. If you consider yourself to be a keen gamer, then no doubt this makes for great craic where you are concerned.

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