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AEG Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

by S1m
AEG cordless vacuum cleaner

Home gadgets are ever evolving with most new designs made to make our lives easier. Like most people, domestic chores aren’t my favourite but are a necessary evil, especially when you have a child and a dog.

The vacuum cleaner is literally out every day and no matter how long I spend doing it, I turn around and it looks like I haven’t even bothered turning it on! It doesn’t help when the vacuum is weighty either and difficult to manoeuvre the stairs, which is where a AEG Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes in very handy indeed!

We were recently sent the AEG CX7-2-35WR Cordless Vacuum Cleaner by the lovely people at AO.com and set about charging this as soon as it arrived in order to try it out. The vacuum comes boxed and in two parts joined by a cable, it’s very easy to slot the parts together and screw in hold.

AEG cordless vacuum cleaner

Standing in the charging cradle

Working off a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the AEG cordless vacuum cleaner comes with an easy to use charging station, that is actually quite discreet and makes storing the vacuum much easier than anticipated. A full charge will take around 3.5 hours and it is advised to charge overnight when you first take it out of the box. This will give you an approximate run time of 35 mins from a full charge dependent on the power level you set the vacuum cleaner at. A charging light indicator with 3 levels, will light up when charging and is also lit when in use to inform you of how much charge is left.

AEG CX7-2-35WR Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Features

AEG cordless vacuum cleaner

The AEG Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is packed with lots of smart features, but for me, the greatest thing about it is how lightweight it is and easy to manoeuvre with a 180 degree swivel head. This makes carrying the vacuum upstairs much easier, as well as pushing the vacuum around – especially good if you are of the older generation. The vacuum will stand of its own accord but leans forward slightly to steady itself.

AEG cordless vacuum cleaner

It is a totally bagless system, with a 0.5 litre capacity double filtration dust collector – it’s not the largest filter on the market and it will mean more frequent trips to the bin for emptying. It’s very easy to empty the filter, so keep on top of this to ensure the vacuum cleaner remains in tip top condition.

AEG cordless vacuum cleaner

There are LED headlights to guide the way – this seriously makes vacuuming in the dark fun! 🙂 The lights are there to help guide you and ensure you don’t miss any bits on the floor. I’m not sure these are entirely necessary, however they are very quirky and make vacuuming more fun! It is also a relatively quiet vacuum cleaner but still offers punch in the cleaning stakes.

The Brushrollclean Technology is a very smart feature indeed and by pressing this the brush head will automatically clean itself and unclog any hair and fibres from the bristles. A very handy function indeed when you have long hair!

AEG cordless vacuum cleaner

One of the neatest features of the AEG cordless vacuum cleaner is the fact it is actually a 2 in 1 system, offering a lot more for your money. Not only is it a push along vacuum cleaner but the main body can be removed for hand held use. This is particularly useful for vacuuming the stairs and also valeting your car. My only problem with this is getting into tight corners is tricky as the bulbous head seems to overhang the vacuum nozzle with no amount of tilting seeming to help. If the vacuum nozzle had the option of extending, this problem could easily be rectified.

AEG cordless vacuum cleaner

My overall thoughts on the AEG cordless vacuum cleaner

For a relatively small and nimble vacuum cleaner, it offers a lot more than can be expected. I don’t believe it can ever replace a meatier vacuum in our house, however it takes the stress and effort out of having to vacuum every day. After a thorough vacuuming session, using the AEG cordless vacuum cleaner makes very light work of being run over our laminate floor… and even the dog isn’t fazed! It’s so lightweight and easy to turn and manoeuvre that Liv doesn’t find vacuuming an arduous chore!

It’s very quick and easy to get out for a quick vacuum before visitors come over and will prove a godsend over Christmas when the floor will be covered in glitter! It’s a fantastic back-up vacuum that doesn’t take up much space at all and is very easy to store away. Very energy efficient, knowing when to stop charging when fully prepped, but I am old-school and prefer to turn it off at the socket when fully charged anyway.

It is an awesome piece of kit and AEG are a highly regarded brand, so for the £169 price tag (current as of post date 31/10/2018), you are getting a lot for your money especially considering the 2 in 1 capability and the fact it is cordless. Personally, I would recommend this more for the older generation who may have difficulty pushing around heavier vacuum cleaners. This can literally turn on a sixpence and could easily be pushed with one finger.

The bold red, almost burgundy colour of the vacuum is fresh and makes it stand out without it being an eyesore, yet it is small and slight enough to simply hide away. It’s an impressive piece of kit and you can check out more details over at AO.com.

Now if you don’t mind, I am off to vacuum up again!

Disclaimer: Thank you to AO.com for kindly sending me the AEG cordless vacuum cleaner for the purpose of this review!

AEG Cordless Vacuum cleaner

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