5 Tips on Looking After an Unwell Child

5 Tips on Looking After an Unwell Child

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There is nothing worse than seeing your child under the weather, whether this is a stomach bug, a cold or they’ve broken a bone. All you’ll want to do is cuddle and nurse them until they’re back to their normal, springy self.

Here are a few pointers on ways that you can really help your child get a little better and make them feel comfortable when they are sick:

  1. Pay Attention to the Symptoms

Keep a close eye on the symptoms that they’re showing. If they are getting less energetic, or they are vomiting more frequently, then you know that their state isn’t improving and a trip to the GP may be in order.

However, if you find that they’ve started to get their colour back and suddenly they’re able to eat chocolate again while running around the house, the chances are that whatever bug they had is starting to disappear.

looking after an unwell child

  1. Keep an Eye on Their Temperature

You want your child to be as comfortable as possible, and if you’re cold and they’re hot, don’t bump up the heating, just put an extra layer on.

Their temperature may be a little all over the place throughout the day, so keep checking up on them and make sure they have enough layers to keep them warm, and a hot water bottle too!

  1. Take Them to the Doctor

No matter how small you think it is, it would be best to take your child to see a medical expert. It is better to be safe than your child ending up in hospital for a few days when something simple could’ve been fixed with a dose of antibiotics.

If the doctor misses something serious, then you could have a huge medical negligence case on your hands. Plus, you won’t feel as responsible if both you and the professional missed something out.

Never feel like you’re wasting a doctor’s time – they are there to help everyone stay fit and healthy.

  1. Let Them Binge on TV!

Don’t make your child do their homework, or study, or even get out of bed. It will be music to your child’s ears when you tell them that they are able to stay in bed all day watching their favourite Disney films.

Encourage them to fall asleep whenever they feel like too, they will feel better after plenty of rest. You won’t be a bad parent for not doing arts and crafts throughout the day – films and sleep really are the best options.

Looking after an unwell child

  1. Water and a Balanced Diet

Everyone knows that chicken soup is the best cure when you’re ill; no stodge and it is easy to eat – if you don’t have a load of bread to dip into it that is!

Some other foods that are great for when you’re ill are bananas and eggs as they are easy to digest and sweet potato as it reduces belly bloat and is rich in calcium and potassium.

Don’t forget to supply your child with plenty of water so that they don’t get dehydrated – they may not want to drink or eat anything, but this can often make them feel worse.


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