Improving Our Health With The Proze Fitness Tracker

Improving Our Health With The Proze Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a fantastic idea for those who wish to put a little more effort into their health and wellbeing. Technology has evolved so much that it isn’t just your steps that are tracked with the latest fitness trackers, but a whole host of activities offer recorded statistics, along with a clock feature and even your heart rate can be monitored too.

There is no age limit to using a fitness tracker, I’ve even had to prize the Proze Fitness Tracker off Liv today so that I can write this post! Whilst I started off my weight loss journey with the use of a fitness tracker many moons ago, having finally found the Keto Lifestyle, I’ve been a little lax in the fitness department. Gone are the days of weight and cardio sessions at the gym which have been replaced by sensible eating (no carbs) and weights at home. Warmer weather is enjoyed for the leisurely afternoon walks I take with friends, however who wants to go on a 5k trek in the pouring rain?

Proze Fitness Tracker

I shall be starting the New Year with a new fitness drive, but for now, reviewing the Proze Fitness Tracker has been the swift kick I needed to get back in the fitness lane!

The Proze Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor is a smart piece of kit and perfect for those looking to slowly increase their fitness levels without being bombarded with too many statistics. You can pretty much use the tracker as soon as you remove it from the box and with two straps, you can even colour coordinate!

Proze Fitness Trackers With Straps

Fitness Tracker Tip: always wear a fitness tracker on your non-dominant hand so as to track more reliable movements.

You will need to pair the device with the VeryFitPro app (Google Play / iTunes). Once downloaded, simply turn on Bluetooth on your phone, pair the device and all your information from the Proze Fitness Track will be recorded on the app. It’s super easy to sync and showcases information on activities, your heart rate and even your sleep pattern if you wear the fitness tracker to bed.

Proze Fitness Tracker Steps

Activity statistics cover steps taken (with a daily target of 10,000 steps although this can easily be changed in the User section), calories burned, total mileage covered from activities and total activity duration.

Proze Fitness Tracker App

If you are starting out on a fitness journey, then these are the basics that you will need to know and will keep you spurred on to better the results from the day before. The tracker covers tracking for 14 different activities ranging from running, cycling, fitness classes and even football. Though the main activities you see when scrolling through the tracker are how many steps taken, heart rate monitor, walking, running and cycling. Both Liv and myself are more interested in steps so have no set it up any further.

Proze Fitness Tracker Sleep

The sleep section covers the hours and minutes of deep sleep, light sleep and awake hours. Personally I can atest to the fact this is not entirely accurate. According to the app I have had several nights sleep of over 8 hours. I haven’t had 8 hours of sleep in years! I am garnering that if you are still then the tracker things you are in light sleep mode.

I’m still unsure on the heart rate section, especially as it has been recording very similar results for both Liv and myself, despite two different lifestyles. I’m not the one running around in a school playground! So I really wouldn’t take the readings as gospel, though it the readings are of concern, make sure you see your doctor immediately.

Proze Fitness Tracker Charging

Charging the Proze Fitness Tracker is really simple, remove the ‘bottom section of tracker band from the actual tracking unit and plug into the USB port on your laptop. There is a charge image on the back of the actual unit in case you forget which side to release from the wrist band.

Proze Fitness Tracker back

It actually charges relatively quickly, with a red light indicating the unit is charging which disappears when fully charged. The charge does last ages, so expect to only need to fully charge the unit once a week.

Another great feature, which I haven’t explored properly yet are the notifications for when your mobile phone is ringing (I felt the tracker vibrate twice when my phone rang) or you receive a text, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc notification. Alas, for me this would be vibrating constantly – the joys of blogging life – so it’s probably best for me that I have not set this feature up fully. However if you are likely to not always have your phone to hand, it’s a great warning feature!

Proze Fitness Tracker Clock

The Proze Fitness Tracker also doubles up as a stylish watch, with the main screen when tapped showing the time, day and date. All of which is super handy information to know when on the go! You can also check your battery life on this screen, alongside a bluetooth notification – it flashes if you are not hooked up to Bluetooth and is constant when you are. I had originally assumed you needed to be hooked up to Bluetooth constantly, however the tracker still records all information and you can sync with the app when you want – this usually take a few seconds.

Proze Fitness Tracker

You can purchase the Proze Fitness Tracker for £34 directly from the Proze Electronics site. If you are looking for a reasonably priced fitness tracker to start your fitness journey then I cannot recommend the Proze Fitness Tracker highly enough. The basic options certainly keep up with the more commonly known fitness trackers on the market. Though the Proze fitness tracker proves that you certainly do not need to shell out lots of money to simply get fit and become healthier. The corresponding App is very user friendly and easy to understand, allowing you to scroll back through your stats to check your progress over time and it’s actually a really stylish fitness tracker to wear. Choose from blue or purple, with an extra black strap included.

So stylish in fact that I had best give it back to Liv upon her return, she will not be impressed that it is only registering 30 steps for her today! Young or old, this is a great gift idea to receive this Christmas and will get you on track for 2019!

Proze Fitness Tracker



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