Dog Walking Essentials: Winter Jackets And Walking Boots

Dog Walking Essentials: Winter Jackets And Walking Boots

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The weather over the summer was amazing and long walks along a favourite walking path which runs by my house were glorious. The opportunity to gossip with friends whilst increasing fitness levels were a daily treat, unfortunately those long walks are few and far between during the winter!

dog walking essentials - winter jackets

Dog walks are now limited to trundles around the block with ‘Old Hop Along’, Honey the dog who is suffering greatly this week with her arthritis. Not that I hold grudges over a night of no sleep! The days of slipping on a pair of flip flops for a dog walk are definitely over and winter dog walks require clothing and footwear that will protect against the elements. If you find yourself wanting to prepare for walks during winter months, country clothing from Country Innovation will ensure you stay warm and dry!

Winter jackets for dog walks

Shopping for women’s winter jackets is a considerable task and I have an abundance of winter jackets that resemble duvet covers (I like keeping warm!) but nothing that I could really say was perfect for dog walking at the slowest pace ever. I’m pretty sure I blink quicker! My parents who are keen walkers are fans of the Berghaus range, so I am currently putting a women’s Berghaus jacket to the test to see if it can protect me from the relentless Manchester rain and keep me warm!

winter jacket dog walking essential

A jacket with pockets is always a winner for me and this definitely has pockets galore for everything I need to take on a walk. The fact it is actually really lightweight and comfy is a bonus. Wrapping up against the elements is going to be easy, with Honey already aware it’s time for a walk as soon as I reach for it!

As you can see from the image above, I’ve teamed my winter jacket with a pair of mighty boots – definite dog walking essentials for taking on winter!
winter jackets and walking boots

I seriously never realised how comfy walking boots were before and these Brasher women’s walking boots fit like a glove. Having seen dog walking friends in their boots before, I totally understood they needed sturdy boots for their jobs, but by heck… I’ve needed them all this time too and never realised! I just now need to invest in some proper walking boot socks as my skinny jeans kept ridding up a little.

So… whilst I may miss leisurely summer walks down my favourite walking path, I’ve got a feeling winter walks are going to be just as fun!

dog walking winter jackets

Do you have favourite dog walking clothes essentials for winter?

Disclosure: I have been sent the winter jacket and walking boots for the purpose of this post and for more indepth review feature head on over to Travel Guide Blog.

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  1. Lyd

    Honey is so adorable! Normally walking boots are so frumpy but the tan colour looks great and I bet the grip will come in handy for wet leaves and icy paths.


    1. S1m

      Awww thank you lovely – she isn’t an angel all the time 😉 The boots are amazing and super comfy, love the colour too… perfect with skinny jeans 🙂 xx

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