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Tinsel Tech: A Guide To This Year’s Must-Have Gadget Gifts

by S1m
gadget gifts

The tech industry is set to have it’s biggest year yet when it comes to the holiday season. Each time Christmas rolls around, more and more people are buying gadgets and gizmos for their loved ones, and this trend isn’t set to stop any time soon. Of course, though, choosing the best tech for those closest to you isn’t always an easy task. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of this year’s hottest products, giving you an idea of who they’re good for and which options could be worth going for.

gadget gifts


Televisions have been slowly getting better and better for decades, and this hasn’t stopped in recent years. In fact, nowadays, you can find TVs on the market which have features far more advanced than those from just a handful of generations before, giving shoppers a lot to choose from in this field. Of course, when you’re buying something like this as a gift, it’s unlikely that you’ll be buying something which is top of the line, as this would cost a small fortune. For those shopping on a budget, the Hisense H5 range has a lot to offer. Packing 4K resolutions, smart capabilities, and HDR, this could be a great gift for someone in the market for a new TV.

Of course, if you’re a true techy, going for something which isn’t the very best when you’re buying a product like this might feel like a compromise. If you’re looking for the very best for your recipient, the LG OLED Signature 65” monster is arguably the best option available at the moment. With a screen so thin it can be wall-mounted with magnets, 4K resolutions, and industry-leading HDR reproduction, no one could be unhappy with this gift. That is, of course, unless you’re the one buying it, as this media experience comes at a very steep cost.


It doesn’t matter if your recipient is 10 or 100 years old; practically everyone has a smartphone, nowadays. These devices have become very important to modern life, with it being very challenging to get by without them, making them a great gift for any season. This Christmas, Apple’s offering might not be the one to buy. The iPhone XS hasn’t been received very well by the tech community, making Android alternatives like the Pixel 3 XL and the Galaxy Note 9 much more desirable for a lot of people. If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, critics are raving about the Huawei P20 Lite, as it offers flagship features for less than half the price of other devices.

When you’re buying someone a gift like this, it’s best to avoid signing them up for expensive plans which could be hard for you or them to pay. Instead, going with a company like SMARTY as your provider will make it a lot easier to save the recipient money, adding an extra element to the gift you’re giving them. Options like this can save people hundreds compared to their normal contract. With the added benefits of being able to cancel it at any time, change your plan whenever you want, and use any phone, grabbing a SIM like this will be a great idea when you order the phone you’re giving away.


It’s taken a long time for the market surrounding wearables to settle down. For a while, all sorts of products were coming out, but it seems that only smart watches have been able to survive. For iPhone users, the only choice will be the Apple Watch, giving you little choice if you want to give a gift like this to someone with this kind of phone. Android, though, comes with loads of options, ranging from cheap non-brand examples to expensive flagship devices from major companies. This makes it possible to fit this into any price bracket, while also making it a worthwhile gift for just about anyone.

gadget gifts

Smart Speakers

With smart devices being all the craze, it’s worth thinking about a little bit of home automation this Christmas. Smart speakers are becoming ubiquitous in some parts of the world, with devices like this making a life easier in loads of areas, ranging from getting news updates to talking with friends. The Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod are the main competitors found in this field, and they all have a range of products which fall into the smart speaker category. Some can do a lot more than others, making it worth doing some research to make sure you choose one with features your recipient will use.

Games Consoles

There has never been a better range of offerings available to console gamers, and these machines are set to be extremely popular this Christmas. Like smart speakers, there are three options in this field which will be the most popular; the Sony Playstation 4 Pro, Microsoft Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch. Each of these products has its own selling points, making it worth taking a look below to see which might be best for your recipient. These are likely to sell out in a lot of places, making it worth acting fast if you want to be able to snag a good deal on the console you’re planning to buy.


  • The Playstation: This console is cheaper than the Xbox, but more expensive than a Switch, and it offers some very convincing benefits. It has a lot more exclusives available and in the works than the Xbox, giving fans of long-running series something to look forward to. Along with this, it provides the best features for streamers and content creators, giving you the chance to record long videos without external gear.


  • The Xbox: As the most expensive of the three, the Xbox will be a harder pill to swallow than its alternatives. For this price, you get a higher resolution at true 4k, a more popular controller, and the ability to cross play with users on PCs when playing certain titles. As for streaming, you can still record video, but will probably want a capture card to do it seriously, as you only get two-minutes natively.


  • The Switch: As the cheapest on this list, the Switch appeals to a different market than the PS4 or Xbox One. Great for kids, families, and fans of Nintendo’s line-up, these consoles have always been favourites in the living room. This is the only way to play games from the company, other than their handheld devices, giving it an edge if your recipient is a fan of titles like Mario and The Legend of Zelda.


While a lot of people are using their smartphones as their main cameras, nowadays, nothing beats having something dedicated when you’re looking to get the best shots. There are always loads of cameras on the market, and Christmas is a great time for this sort of gift, as people will want to take as many snaps as possible. The best option to choose will depend on the money you have to spend, along with the person who will be using the camera. For most people, a simple compact camera will do the best, as this will be the easiest option to use.

If the recipient of a gift like this likes to get more technical, though, mirrorless options are some of the most popular amongst professionals at the moment. Alternatively, you could also consider getting a gift card for a retailer, instead. This sort of device can be quite personal, making it hard to choose one for someone else. It’s also worth considering accessories when you’re purchasing something like this. Some cameras require expensive lenses and other hardware, making them very pricey to use, and forcing the recipient to spend more money on the gift as time goes on.

gadget gifts

Kitchen Gadgets

Finally, as the last area to consider, Christmas is prime time for kitchen gadgets. A lot of people like to give gifts like this as an easy option, as everyone has a kitchen, and no one can get away without eating. Of course, though, it won’t be very useful when something like this is only able to perform a single job. It can be hard to find kitchen tools which have a lot of purpose, often making it worth avoiding this sort of gift when you’re shopping for Christmas. There are always exceptions, but you could end up disappointing someone, and this is always awkward on Christmas day.

With all of this in mind, you should have a much easier time choosing techy gifts this holiday season. These sorts of presents are only going to get more popular as time goes on, making it important for parents, kids, and friends alike to all learn about this area, even if it means doing some research. Of course, most people will make it known when they want something like this, but the best surprises are often those which people don’t know they desire, giving you the chance to take some risks in this process.

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