Stocking Filler Slime From GoGoPo

Stocking Filler Slime From GoGoPo

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I always feel as though I have never stocked up enough for Christmas and hiding presents around the house certainly doesn’t help as I easily forget where I have hidden items! I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who forgets each year!

It’s always handy to stock up on Stocking fillers to prepare yourself for the ‘Have I bought enough items?’ scenario, which also make for great Christmas Eve box treats too!

Anything slime or squidgy related is always a bit hit in our house, Liv is already being aware that KeyCraft offer an AMAZING selection in their GoGoPo range that will especially delight all slime fans!

Stocking Filler Slime From GoGoPo

GoGoPo Slime


Realising that children want a lot more from their slime, the GooBands range is quite extensive! Each container comes with a coordinating wristband, making the GooBands slime perfect for collecting and even swapping with friends! With 36 slime pots in series 2 to collect – children will love the new additions to the already fantastic range which include: Bubblaputti (super bubble putty), Flexiputti (super stretchy putty) and Pogoputti (super bouncy putty). Liv is currently going through a phase of stretching her slime on tables, so she is going to love Flexiputti! Personally I prefer the Bubblaputti, not being a fan of slime, the texture is much nicer to play and create with. The Goobands collection is extremely colourful and vibrant and has the staying power unlike some slime. I find it very reasonably priced – you can purchase GooBands from toy retailer such as Smyths, or check out the fabulous GoGoPo Amazon Store!

GoGoPo Gooshake


If you child would like to try mixing their own slime, then the GooShakes are awesome slime making kits that just require water. Empty the contents of the slime sachet in the cute little pot, add water and shake away to make your own slime! Much easier than starting from scratch and no Borax required! Each slime pot also contains a glitter or confetti secret ingredient to add to your slime mixture to give it added sparkle. The make your own slime GooShake range includes Neon, Glow in the Dark and Glitter, in a vast range of colours.

GoGoPo Gooballz


Liv treated herself something very similar in the summer and absolutely loves it! Almost a take on stress relief squashy balls, GooBallz have totally taken the fidget spinner crown. These not only make for a great stocking filler gift, but they are a fantastic distraction toy too – in fact, it isn’t just children who love to play with GooBallz, as an adult I do too! The mesh balls can be squeezed to your hearts delight, with the slime ball only ever coming through the mesh net before returning into place. Just as much fun as playing with slime, but with no mess! Another fantastic collectable toy from the GoGoPo range, which even comes with a colour coordinating key chain too – making it much easier to carry around with you. Available from toy retailers in a range of funky colours and styles including glitter, beads, sequins or even a limited edition light up Discoballz. You can also check out the GooBallz range at Amazon – which colour will you choose?

I am sure you will agree that the GoGoPo range is perfect for stocking fillers – don’t forget to check out the GoGoPo stationery range too!

Keycraft offer so much more than the GoGoPo, with their range also including Magnoidz, Living Nature, Nurchums, Shrinkles (which are awesome), Majigg and K-brand endorsed items. Check out the Keycraft site for more details, or check out all their brands in toy stores such as Smyths and The Entertainer.

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