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Essential Vitamins And Minerals

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Before I started my health kick, food was used as a comforter to alleviate the misery. I was young, knew no better and my future health at the time was of no consequence.

Then on morning, a wake up call came and that was it, I gave up everything that was bad for me, began eating healthily following the Weight Watchers diet and increased my gym visits. As expected my body started to change shape and my health improved. It was almost like a drug, I wanted to keep losing weight and keep working on a better me.

It’s only now that I follow the Keto lifestyle that I am at my most content. Whilst the weight loss is phenomenal and I show off my belly to all my friends – seeing their reactions proves to me it’s not just me that is noticing the changes. It’s always been easy to hide under big jumpers, but these days my fashion choices are a little more clingy! It’s the health benefits that make Keto totally awesome though, especially for people with diabetes, restricting the carbohydrate and therefore sugar intake has positive effects! Check out more information on how Keto helps diabetes.

essential vitamins and minerals

Keto isn’t a lifestyle you can simply jump into though, it isn’t just a case of cutting out carbs such as bread, potatoes and pasta, thinking you have found the golden ticket to guaranteed weight loss. To get the most out of the lifestyle you need to research for weeks before you start ‘Day 1’ and most certainly you need to calculate your macros which will calculate the correct daily amounts of fat, protein and carbs required over a 75%/25%/5% basis. I totally recommend this Keto macro calculator.

Looking after your health doesn’t mean spending all your time in a gym, it is very much a 80% what you put into your body and 20% what you do. Even with Keto, you need to still ensure you are achieving your daily vitamin goal and electrolytes are an absolute must!

If your New Year’s Resolution is to work on a healthier lifestyle in 2019, then you definitely need to understand the importance of what your body needs on a daily basis. Qlu Health have recently feature a fantastic resource and infographic on the Essential Vitamins and Minerals your body needs. It really does make for interesting reading and I totally know I need to eat more fish for an Omega – 3 boost!

essential vitamins and minerals

If you aren’t a fan of fish, then check out Wiley’s Finest supplements – their range includes fish oil supplements that will increase your Omega – 3 daily intake. I’ve actually just received these samples this very morning and am looking forward to trying the Bold Vision supplements which contain Omega – 7 and help to reduce digital eye strain fatigue and eye strain. The perfect supplement for this blogger!

So, whether you know where to start, or you are a complete novice when it comes to improving your health, just remember that essential vitamins and minerals play a more important role than simply increasing your weights by 10kgs!

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