Easy To Make Christmas crafts with Grandparents

Christmas crafts with Grandparents

Spending quality time with family during the festive period is the most wonderful thing to make long lasting Christmas memories. Making Christmas crafts with Grandparents is always fun and gets everyone into the Christmas spirit!

Liv is fully enjoying having her Grandparents here with us at the moment, I on the other hand am about to burn out from all the cleaning, tidying and cooking I am doing. I am sure this is my mother’s payback for all the year’s she had to do the same!

Whilst Liv is keen to show her Grandad how to play games on her phone, her Grandma is hoping she will be slightly more creative (and productive) in the run up to Christmas.

Having previously made Christmas Baubles for the tree, which are now in pride of place, my mum is all for Christmas crafts and even I have to admit they do make wonderful keepsakes!

So what DIY Christmas decorations can grandparents and grandchildren make together in the run up to the big day?

Christmas crafts with Grandparents

Make your own present tags

Simply requiring paper cut to size, a hole punch and string, get set to decorate and colour in to your heart’s content. This is a really useful Christmas craft idea and offers a unique and personal touch to presents.

Christmas crafts with Grandparents

Let it snow

I was a child myself the last time I made a snowglobe, but they make a lovely centrepiece for Christmas and perfect DIY Christmas decoration. Locate an old, clean jar (jam/sauce etc), securely glue a figurine of your choosing to the inside of the lid and leave to dry. Source glitter for the snow and when ready, pour cold water into the jar, add the glitter and finally secure the lid to the jar and turn over to watch the glitter snow fall! Adding a touch of glycerin to the water will help to thicken up the liquid and allow the glitter to fall slower.

Christmas crafts with Grandparents

Waste not, definitely want

Wondering what to make from old magazines or spare wrapping paper? Mummy Barrow featured this fantastic post on how to make Christmas decorations with paper, the magazine Christmas tree is super effective and so easy to make! It’s quick and simple to make several of them and different magazines will produce different results and coloured decorations.

Christmas crafts with Grandparents

If all else fails…

If you prefer to bake goodies as opposed to actual crafting, then what better treat to make than mince pies? Baking with grandparents is so much fun and this easy to follow mince pie recipe will result in lots of yummy Christmas treats… just make sure to hide them from your Grandad as he may eat them all! 😉

Have you been making Christmas crafts this year?






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