Health Mistakes You Might Be Making When Vaping

Health mistakes you might be making when vaping

There are many health benefits to vaping in comparison to smoking; however, it is not a completely risk-free thing to do. There is still ongoing research into vaping and its side effects.

Health Mistakes You Might Be Making When Vaping

Sherry Ross, MD, OB/GYN and Women’s Health Expert at Providence Saint John’s Health Center, suggests that vaping “is not FDA approved nor have there been enough adequate studies done to know what health risks truly exist”.

This means that you must ensure that you are vaping in a way that does not add to any health issues associated with using e-cigarettes.

Using e-cigarettes with a high nicotine percentage

It can be argued that one of the most common issues with using e-cigarettes is how easy it is to consume a very high percentage of nicotine in comparison to smoking cigarettes. This is because e-cigarettes come in a variety of different nicotine percentages; those include 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24mg, though there are also options for nicotine-free vaping.

This means that you should consult a professional in order to gauge what level of nicotine you require for your e-cigarette rather than use too much.

Health mistakes you might be making when vaping

Using the wrong type of equipment

Although, in the long term, vaping is much cheaper than smoking cigarettes, it can be initially quite expensive to purchase all the right equipment for you – depending on which modifications you choose to purchase.

The low-cost e-cigarettes can pose not only a risk of you using the wrong chemicals but also of the cigarettes potentially catching on fire. Therefore, it is very important that you must choose the correct e-cigarettes for you from a reputable seller such as Pure E-Liquids; that way, you can ensure that your new vape machine poses the fewest risks possible to your health.

Not maintaining your e-cigarette’s coil correctly

If you find that you are getting hints of a burnt taste while vaping, it could because you are not maintaining your e-cigarette’s coil correctly.

Depending on how often you use your e-cigarette, typically, you must change your coil every few weeks in order to keep it fresh and remove that burnt taste from your e-cigarette. This is also known as a “dry inhale” and can cause problems for not only your e-cigarette but for you, too.

Health mistakes you might be making when vaping

Smoking more than you usually do

Though this is similar to the point detailed above about using too high a nicotine content for your e-cigarette, this can also occur while vaping with the correct amount of nicotine for you.

As a result of the lighter nature of vaping in comparison to smoking, it can be quite easy to vape more than smoking. Therefore, you must ensure that you only vape a certain amount in order to stop yourself from consuming too much nicotine in one sitting.

There are also many other health mistakes you could be making while vaping. However, this handy guide has hopefully been able to answer some, if not all, of your most common questions about vaping and enabled you to improve your health.

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