How To Guarantee You Will Receive Valentine’s Day Flowers This Year

How To Guarantee You Will Receive Valentine's Day Flowers This Year

There is no denying Valentine’s Day is fast approaching on February 14th! No sooner is Christmas over, we are already moving onto the next occasions and the majority of gifts are chocolate based. Not the greatest start to the year if you have embarked on a new fitness routine resolution. If you are staying away from chocolate though, you maybe leaving subtle hints for gifts you would prefer instead.

Here’s how to guarantee you will receive Valentine’s Day flowers this year…

Valentine's Day Flowers bouquet of roses

Be subtle

Making statements such as ‘I ate far too much chocolate over Christmas’ or ‘Chocolate is banned in this house’ is a great way to plant a seed. At the very least, your partner will be aware that purchasing chocolate for Valentine’s Day would not be appreciated. How do you point them in the direction of what you would prefer though?

Turn down the subtlety meter

Once the seed is planted, that is the perfect time to start guiding your partner in the right direction! Make sure they hear you gushing over floral bouquets when out shopping. Even treat yourself to a bunch of your favourite flowers before the day and place them in a prominent position. Mention how beautiful they are and how much the make you smile.

Valentine's Day flowers

Subtlety meter OFF

If you feel that your subtle hints and gentle guidance are falling on deaf ears, then it’s time to turn off all subtlety. If you have a particular favourite flower or colour, remind your partner of this fact. Leave your computer open on a florist site, be obvious when scrolling through images of flowers on Instagram, even leave post-it notes in visible locations in your home with the word ‘Flowers’ underlined!

If all else fails

The absolute last resort is to buy your own Valentine’s Day flowers and display them where they will be seen. If your partner did not get the hint this time around, they certainly will next year!

This is just a fun Valentine’s post and there is a very high probability that your partner is already fully aware you would prefer flowers for Valentine’s Day this year, or another gift. The chances are you will not need to use any subtle hints, but just in case, I hope they help!

How To Guarantee You Will Receive Valentine's Day Flowers This Year

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Jenny @thebrickcastle January 14, 2019 at 12:08 pm

Maybe just move straight to “buy some” 😀 If I buy him some, then I get to enjoy them all day anyway, it’s kind of a won/win – and I can buy my own favourites 😀


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