Fashion Tips To Help You Survive Winter


I am loathed to purchase any further jumpers at the moment, despite the fact the harsh weather is yet to descend on us. After a particularly mild Christmas, you know full well that heaps of snow are yet to fall. Call me optimistic, but I am already considering my Summer wardrobe, hoping for heady days of blisteringly hot weather again!

Let’s have a look at some fashion forward items that can help you survive Winter…

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Investing in a decent coat is a wise move! For the amount of time it is actually worn, it makes sense to spend a little more on a coat that will last for many Winters. I do love a good padded jacket and the range of Froccella women’s coats totally fit that bill! School run’s are never fun during Winter and we are certainly open to the elements, so a well padded jacket is an absolute must. It goes without saying that a hood is a necessity when residing in Manchester, which Froccella coats certainly have.

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Another necessity to help you survive Winter and I have found myself living in knee high boots for the past few months already, with no end in sight as yet! The only time I am swapping my faithful long boots, is to cwtch up with slipper socks or slip into my trusty walking boots for dog walking duties. To ensure you survive the ice and snow we are due in spades, make sure you have a decent pair of boots with soles that grip properly. Long gone are the days of being carefree and deliberately skidding on the ice, nowadays opting to hang on to anything fixed for dear life!

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We appear to have a glove monkey in our house! Whenever we need a pair gloves can never be found, so I tend to stockpile for when needed and keep mine to hand in the car. (No pun intended!). I was quite jealous of the North Face gloves that Jenny featured recently on her blog. So soft, comfy to wear and more importantly… the gloves keep her hands warm!

It goes without saying to keep warm during the Winter months, but hopefully this post will inspire you on fashion items to help you survive Winter.

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