Things To Consider When Designing A Kitchen

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What to consider when designing a kitchen

I never knew how much fun designing a kitchen could be, that’s before you factor in any stressful moments! Having a blank canvas in which to completely overhaul the look and layout of ‘the heart of the home’ is something that doesn’t happen often. So, when you get the opportunity you want to ensure everything is perfect and well placed.

What do you need to consider when designing a new kitchen?

Things To Consider When Designing A Kitchen

The Planning Stage

Planning your layout prior to any work commencing is important. This is the time to make sure the new layout makes the optimal use of the space given, ensuring you end up with your dream kitchen. So much time is spent in a kitchen and not just cooking! It really is the hub of the home and that is a major consideration. Booking a consultation with a kitchen designer is highly recommended at this stage to offer advice you may not have considered. If this is your first attempt at designing a kitchen, you may not have considered that pipes and water meters can be moved to make positioning easier.

Things To Consider When Designing A Kitchen

Set A Budget

Knowing how much budget is available for the re-design will help you immensely and your kitchen designer. Try and stick to your budget and allow for a around 10% extra as a contingency for any added extras along the process. As it is guaranteed you will always find something extra that would suit your new kitchen perfectly! A top tip to remember: always go for the best worktop your budget will allow. Solid surfaces such as the Carrara marble worktop offer a tough and durable surface that will have longevity, especially in a family home. It’s well worth spending quality time shopping for worktops, the overall look and feel being very important to the design of a new kitchen. People in the know such as The Marble Store offer advice, competitive quotes and worktop fitting.

Remain Calm

It can be a little unsettling having any room in your house ripped out for a redesign, especially when there are lots of contractors walking around your home. You will always be given a time frame for the work, with updates on progress, just try and remain calm throughout the process, knowing that you are ever closer to cooking in your new kitchen!

Things To Consider When Designing A Kitchen

Add The Finishing Touches

To distract you from all the chaos, spend time looking for inspiration on finishing touches for your new kitchen. Pinterest and Instagram are fantastic sources of home interior design inspiration. You do not need to stick with the same supplier throughout the redesign, of course, it helps so that everyone is in the know. However there is nothing stopping you from using multiple suppliers, especially when it comes to staying within budget. Be as unique as you like with fittings and accessories, but more importantly, make your new kitchen your own!

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