4 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to be Healthier in 2019

4 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to be Healthier in 2019

The digital age is fantastic for so many reasons, but the abundance of technology available makes it more appealing for kids to spend most of their free time inside. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few ways — such as a healthy diet or laser tag for kids as an alternative to video games — to encourage your children to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Ways to Encourage Your Kids to be Healthier

The new year is a time where people quickly realise that the mountains of food they ate over the festive season have taken their toll. And while this may be all the motivation you need to exercise, getting your children to embrace a healthier and fitter lifestyle can be more challenging.

Finding ways to encourage your children to exercise and eat better is vital for their short and long-term health, ensuring they don’t become part of the obesity crisis, and also educating them about the importance of looking after their body. Below we’ll discuss a few simple yet effective ways to achieve this.

Ways to Encourage Your Kids to be Healthier
Introduce a More Balanced Diet

If you google anything about weight loss, you will probably come across an article or two that says that a healthy diet is 80/90% of losing weight. Whether this is correct or not is unimportant, because it’s safe to say that eating more good food and less junk is beneficial when it comes to improving your overall health.

Unfortunately, junk food is tasty, requires little to no preparation, and tends to be cheap — and kids love it! Healthy eating can be a hard sell to kids if what you’re offering is bland and unappealing, which is why it’s vital to get creative if you want to introduce a more balanced diet.

The internet is an absolute goldmine of quick and easy healthy recipes, coupled with supermarkets offering a good selection of healthier meals. Jamie Oliver has done a cracking job by making school dinners substantially more healthy, but packed lunches offer a more budget-friendly method to make sure your kids are eating a nutritious meal.

4 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to be Healthier in 2019
Limit Screen Time

These days there is such a vast range of devices for kids to play with, and as technology continues to advance they’ll be spending less and less time enjoying the great outdoors. In fact, the current generation of youngsters in the UK is spending less time outside than prisoners.

One method that parents are starting to adopt — which at first may well cause a little (or a lot of) resistance — is limiting the amount of time their children spend looking at screens. Granted, they will need to for much of the homework they receive, but limiting their leisure screentime will encourage them to find more active alternatives.

Kids Addicted to Video Games? Try Outdoor Laser Tag Instead

As technology advanced, it introduced video games that are more engaging and addictive, especially the online multiplayer games that allow kids to socialise and play with their friends without leaving the house. If your children are particularly fond of gaming it can be difficult to get them to do something else, so why not offer an alternative that allows them to embrace everything they love about video games?

As we mentioned above, technology has advanced a lot, and another excellent example of this is the evolution of activities such as laser tag. Laser tag for kids immerses them in the intense action of a forest battlefield environment, much like that of games such as Call of Duty, and is also a brilliant full-body workout.

Heard of Fortnite? It’s an online multiplayer game that is proving to be highly addictive among all age groups, but especially children. GO Laser Tag London has come up with the ingenious idea of providing their players with weapons and game modes that are inspired by Fortnite. What child is going to turn down the opportunity to experience a real-life version of Fortnite?

4 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to be Healthier in 2019

Take Trips and Holidays with Physical Activities

Although some people prefer to spend a holiday laying on a beach or by the pool, you’ll be missing an ideal opportunity to get your kids exercising and maybe even spark their interest in a hobby or activity. The advantage here is that they won’t have access to their gaming console, and without wifi, they’ll have no access to social media (roaming charges are a killer!).

Sightseeing on foot or even taking a hike will prove to be hugely beneficial when it comes to burning calories and giving yourself and your children an excellent cardiovascular workout. The NHS advises that everyone should do around 10,000 steps a day. This will be peanuts after a long day of roaming around a city, hiking a coastal path or hill, or doing your utmost to see all of the famous locations in the area.

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4 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to be Healthier in 2019

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