7 of The Best Space-Saving Tips For Your Home

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7 of The Best Space-Saving Tips For Your Home

As house prices continue to rise, more people are turning to smaller homes or remaining in their current houses rather than upgrading in size.

This is perfectly fine until you begin to hoard a lot of ‘stuff’ over time. We’re all guilty of it, and you have to get creative pretty quickly to make sure you’ve got enough room for all of your possessions. A small house can quickly look messy and crowded when you start to collect belongings, but why should you have to throw away all of your favourite things?

7 of The Best Space-Saving Tips For Your Home

There are a number of different ways to store your items and redesign your home so that you can make the most of the space you have. You can easily make your small home feel that much more spacious.

Take a look at these top tips to save more space in your home:

1. Look for extendable furniture

Furniture which has the capacity to fold in and fold out is totally overlooked. These clever items can save you lots of space and tend to be designed to a modern, minimalistic standard.

The best piece of extendable furniture to look at for your small home is an extending dining table. There are many dining tables that have extendable components or fold away meaning you can easily store the table away neatly whenever it’s not in use.

2. Be bathroom savvy

Your bathroom looks more spacious and roomy when you keep clutter at bay, so make this the one room you store things away cleverly via cupboards and shelving. Start by making sure the bath and sink are focal areas, with stylish, sleek white baths and basins which look the part. 

Then, look at tidy cabinet cupboards which sit at the base of your sink, or double up as a mirror on the wall. You can also look at shelves which can be placed on your longest wall. These will hugely save space for anything that currently sits on the floor.

3. Consider an Ottoman

If you rent your property and are not allowed to fix things to your walls, then an ottoman is another good idea for storing your belongings. Ottomans make great additions to your bedroom and act as a fantastic way to store items such as shoes, bedding, or even children’s toys that can tend to ‘live’ on your bedroom floor.

The beauty of an ottoman is that they can also double up as a coffee table or a little bench at the end of your bed. They look fashionable and tidy, acting as a great way to save space in the bedroom.

4. Under-bed storage

Sticking to the bedroom theme, we’re all aware that the bed takes up the majority of space in the bedroom. With beds becoming more and more stylish these days with pretty frames, they can take up more space than ever.

That’s why it’s useful to utilise the bed as much as you can to double up as a space saver. An effective way to do this is to look at some of that dead space by fitting drawers underneath for additional storage. Whilst some of us are lucky enough to have beds that come with drawers already fitted underneath, the majority of beds don’t.

It’s a good idea to buy drawers on wheels to slide underneath your bed. This will help you to use the space in a tidy way and give you easy access to your belongings.

7 of The Best Space-Saving Tips For Your Home

5. Be clever with children’s bedrooms

When it comes to decorating the kids’ rooms, you often have to be super resourceful and creative. If you have a large family and a smaller house, it could mean your kids, like many, have to share a room.

It can be difficult to equally divide the space, but opting for innovative solutions like bunk beds that come with a built-in desk and wardrobe can be the perfect solution. These types of large furniture items come as self-contained solutions, which can easily sit aside one main wall in the room, and save masses of valuable space.

Where possible, look for solutions like this, which combine beds and desks, or desks and wardrobes, in one handy unit,

6. Under stairs storage

As far as space saving ideas go, this one is an absolute winner. All that empty, dead space underneath staircases can be converted into storage with minimal effort required. It’s as simple as building some custom-made drawers with racks and shelves.

You may have to get the help of a DIY expert, especially if you go for pull-out drawers or cupboards, but it is truly worth it. Instant storage space and less clutter! If you have a home lift, why not get rid of it?

7. Go for white

Painting a room in a white colour makes everything appear bigger and brighter. The combination of white walls and white furniture opens a room up substantially, particularly in the kitchen. Plus, it is said to brighten up your mood, too!

While it’s not a space saving idea physically, it certainly acts as a visual one. It is a good way to make a tiny room feel more spacious, and with plenty of natural sunlight, it will transform from drab to fab.

Remember that whilst your home is your castle, that doesn’t mean it has to be a large sized mansion to feel bigger. If your house is a little low on space, try some of these simple ideas above for space saving solutions.

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