How to Plan a Wedding Vow Renewal

How to Plan a Wedding Vow Renewal

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Do you plan to celebrate a long, healthy marriage in style? Or have you overcome a rough patch in your relationship, and want to rejoice? Perhaps you’d like to recreate the magic of your wedding?

The number of couples who enjoy happy unions is as high as it was 47 years ago. It’s unsurprising that wedding vow renewals are so popular.

Whatever the reason, this service can be both fun and meaningful. Here is a guide to help you make the most of this opportunity.

How to Plan a Wedding Vow Renewal

How to Plan a Wedding Vow Renewal

Arrange Everything Together

Wedding arrangements can be stressful, especially if only one person manages them. With this in mind, why not organise your vow renewal together?

The pair of you could even go ring shopping. With a specialist like F. Hinds, you can find the ideal piece for each of you.

In sharing the project, it won’t just be you who visits stores, explores design ideas, and sends out invites. This won’t just make the process easier.

You could also both have lots of fun with it – and it may even bring you closer together. Isn’t that what this event is all about, after all?

Keep the Service Intimate

Many engaged couples feel that they must invite distant relatives and acquaintances to their wedding.

The beauty of a renewal, however, is that – by nature – it’s a more intimate affair. So, you may want to enjoy it with just your closest friends and family. Well, great news: you can.

With a smaller audience, you can guarantee a special service – one that holds meaning for  everyone taking part. Fewer guests could mean that you’re able to save money, too.

Who knew that you could manage your finances and enhance your special day at the same time?

Don’t Go Overly Formal

You aren’t getting married for the first time – so, you may not feel the pressure to impress that affects many engaged couples.

Even better, there isn’t really a ‘traditional’ format for a vow renewal, like there is for a wedding. This is you and your partner’s chance to plan your day, your way.

You needn’t conform to renewal trends in any way – the two of you can be as creative as you desire.

If you’re stuck for reception ideas, consider the activities that have strengthened your connection throughout your marriage. Could any of these be used for after-service entertainment?

If you don’t want an extravagant meal after you’ve renewed your vows, don’t have one. Would you rather have a takeaway at home than eat a fancy function room? Then do that, instead!

This event is designed to focus on your marital bond – so why not work in unison to create a day suited to the pair of you?

A wedding vow renewal can be the perfect way to show your wife or husband just how much you love them. With these ideas, what’s to stop you from creating the perfect day?

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