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Some Wonderful Places To Visit In Greece

by S1m
Some Wonderful Places to visit in Greece

Greece has long been known as the home of Western civilisation and a truly magical country. From ancient wonders like the Oracle at Delphi to famous names like Socrates or Plato, it has always been a real by-word for culture and beauty. Of course, modern Greece has continued this fine tradition and this beautiful Mediterranean paradise is a tourist hot-spot for many still. With the fabulous weather, friendly locals, stunning sights and tasty food, it is not hard to see why!

If you are thinking of making a trip to Greece, the only problem you will have is choosing where to visit. With so many fabulous islands and places you could explore, you may find you need some advice on where to head first.

Which are the most amazing places to visit in Greece?

If you are busy planning a summer holiday or an Easter getaway, Greece is certainly a wonderful location to consider. With a relatively short flight time and routes from all major UK airports, it is easy to get there.


But which are the most gorgeous places in Greece to check out?

  • Piraeus – the first stunning location to think about visiting is this ancient port city in mainland Greece. Found in the Attica region, it has a long history dating back to the 5th century B.C. and maybe even longer than that! As such, it is home to some beautiful architecture and notable archaeological sites. Famous for its tavernas and restaurants, there is plenty of choice in terms of what to do. From eating out to visiting the open-air theatre or taking in a football match at local team Olympiakos, you will love it here. Piraeus has also seen more publicity lately as being the birthplace of successful Greek businessman Evangelos Marinakis. That extra publicity has seen Piraeus become an even more popular tourist hot-spot.


  • Athens – staying on mainland Greece, there is the capital city of Athens to visit. It has always been one of the most interesting places on the planet to see and has many fabulous sights. From the Acropolis to the Parthenon and the Daphni Monastery; there is so much to take in here. You will never get bored when in Athens! As you would expect, this beautiful city has a real vibrancy about it and an exciting atmosphere. Whether you opt to stroll through the streets taking in the Greek culture, try out the local wine at a taverna or visit one of the many museums, you will want to stay longer.


  • Santorini – you may well have heard of the majesty that the Greek Islands possess – the great news for any would-be tourist is that this is 100% true. All the Greek islands are simply amazing but gorgeous Santorini tops the bill. Famous for its blue-domed churches and whitewashed houses, just walking through the quaint streets is a magical experience. When you add in the fabulous weather, stunning beaches and crystal-clear sea, you have a beach-lover’s paradise.



  • Crete – once you have checked Santorini off your bucket list, there are plenty of other Greek Island destinations to enjoy. One very popular one is Crete. The largest of the islands, it has many resorts to stay at that all offer an intoxicating mixture of excitement and laid-back charm. If you enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist resorts, Crete has some fabulous scenery and mountain walks to lose yourself in. For beach-lovers, there are the clear azure blue waters you would expect.


  • Thessaloniki – situated on the mainland, this is Greece’s second largest city and it is home to around one million inhabitants. Known as the cultural capital of modern Greece, it has many local festivals and music events each year. This is a very pretty city with lots to do, from the Turkish baths found there to checking out the fabulous local nightlife. For those who prefer to see the sights, the Byzantine walls and the White Tower are impressive.

Make Greece your next holiday choice

There really are lots of amazing places to visit in Greece. Many tourists go back there again and again to experience as many of them as possible. Wherever you go, you can be sure of a warm welcome and lots of sun! When you add in the exquisite local food and wine, you can see why Greece is loved by so many visitors each year.

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