Saying Goodbye To Our Family Pet

Saying Goodbye To Our Family Pet

This is probably the saddest and hardest post I have ever had to write.

We said goodbye to our family pet yesterday – our beloved Honey – the third in our house of Three Musketeers… generally the Three Amigos most of the time! Saying goodbye to our family pet is extremely hard, but writing this post has definitely helped!

Saying Goodbye To Our Family Pet

I thought making the decision to do the right thing was hard enough, turns out making the call to actually arrange was the dealbreaker. Having worked in sales for many years, that was by far the hardest phone call that I have ever had to make and one I wish to never make again.

Family Pet

Honey reached a fantastic age of just over 12 years, which for a Cavalier King Charles who was only diagnosed with a heart murmur at 9 years of age is outstanding. I’ve known a lot who were put to sleep younger, so I cherished every extra day with her even more. She was even a fixture of the blogs and social media over the years. But life is cruel and seeing her struggle so much with arthritis, struggling to breathe, coughing and general wear and tear with age made me realise she no longer had quality of life and we were only prolonging the inevitable for our own gratification. Momentary bursts of adrenaline were becoming less frequent and watching her struggle to get comfortable brought the decision to a forefront.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy

I still recall the day I held her in my hand at the tender age of 7 and a half weeks old like it was yesterday. I brought her home an hour later. The ‘breeder’ was useless, having only bred her dog to raise funds for a holiday. A proper breeder should not have let a puppy leave before the age of 8 and a half weeks… when the first lot of vaccinations are due. Alas, despite the fact Honey was a barrel on legs most of her life, she defied all odds! A true Northerner with fighting spirit!

Young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A dog who  was constantly happy with a wagging tail and always wanted attention, saying hello… to everyone… walks were never quick! The happiest of all dogs, she was most happy when she was lying next to you and having cuddles. I really could not have asked for a better family pet, especially as she had to put up with Liv all these years! She had a penchant for eating the most ridiculous things: hair bobbles, loom bands, paper, tissues and even wet wipes… sniffing through my handbag for packs of chewing gum on occasion. It didn’t help her breath smell any fresher unfortunately! 😉

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dressed up

The time when the vet stated she needed to lose some weight and I laughed saying she would probably lose a kilo the next day when she was groomed (she was a hairy dog when not groomed!) – lo behold, we walked into the vets 3 weeks later and she had lost 1.2 kilos! Now, that was mainly due to a strict diet… but she did lose over a kilo! 😉

At this moment it doesn’t feel real, it truly doesn’t. I am aware that the silence is going to become more apparent – the lack of snoring and tip tapping over the laminate floor. But most of all, the lack of a little fur ball coming to greet you when you walk in the house. The sense of loss has certainly not hit home yet, but it will.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Honey, Honey Monster, Snoring Dog, Baba, Little Shit, Stinky Dog… and all the other names you were known by, fly high sweet heart, sleep well and sweet dreams. The one constant who has been there with me through thick and thin over the years and has loved Liv and I unconditionally, as we have loved you. You will leave such a huge, gaping hole in our hearts, but you are no longer in pain my precious girl.x

Winter jackets for dog walks

I am sure no-one will mind if I take my leave of absence now. We just need a bit of time to ourselves to re-group and dust ourselves off as best we can as we come to terms with the fact we are now a duo as opposed to a trio.

Sleep well, Snoring Dog!x

Snoring Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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  1. Zena Crumbleholme

    It is one of the hardest decision’s to make, but because we love them we don’t want them in pain. x

    1. S1m

      Totally agree – it wasn’t fair anymore, but not nice to know our furry friends are in pain 🙁 xx

  2. Jenny @thebrickcastle

    Awwww. I’m so sorry Sim. She was with you guys such a long time. I grew up with a dog and so I understand entirely just how much they mean to you and how big a part of your life they are. She did well, and she had a happy life, she was such a happy dog. Love and a big hug to you and to Liv xxx

    1. S1m

      She had an epic life, we were so lucky, she really was an awesome dog xx

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