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Want to Cut Down Your Kids Gaming Time? Why You Should Try Paintball

by S1m
Want to Cut Down Your Kids Gaming Time? Why You Should Try Paintball

If your child is spending an abundance of time playing video games it’s only natural to be concerned about their lack of exercise and disinterest in getting out more. Below you’ll find a few reasons why paintball is the perfect activity to promote fitness and encourage your kids to spend less time gaming.

In recent years, video games became the most popular and profitable form of entertainment, so it’s safe to say that children are spending plenty of time in front of screens these days. While gaming does offer kids a simple and accessible way to blow off steam, online multiplayer and games such as Fortnite have proved to be somewhat addictive, especially as many kids have high spec gaming PCs.

This can be an issue for a number of reasons, but many parents have found it particularly troublesome when it comes to how they prioritise their after-school time. Aside from this, finding an active outdoor alternative will be fantastic for their health and fitness, and few activities fit the bill better than paintball for kids.

Want to Cut Down Your Kids Gaming Time?

Real Life Combat

A large percentage of the most popular and well-known video games are based around the concept of realistic combat. With this in mind, why not provide your children with an unrivalled combat experience? Paintball provides players with a safe environment to immerse themselves in engaging paintball games, use high-quality equipment, and experience scenarios similar to that of their favourite films and video games.

It’s also worth noting that many of the skills they pick up from videos games are transferable to the scenarios found in paintball. A perfect example being the vital importance of team tactics and communication to plan manoeuvres, outwit enemies, and call for backup. All of which are also brilliant for team building and improving social skills.

Fantastic Health and Fitness Benefits

Another downfall of gaming is that it’s a stationary activity, meaning that your children will be getting minimal exercise, which is made all the more worse if they’re consuming lots of junk food during their gaming sessions. Unfortunately, the two often go hand in hand. So, what health and fitness benefits does kids paintball offer?

Well for a start it’s a sport that combines the need for slow methodical movement with quick explosive action. This means that you’ll constantly be changing pace, burning calories, and covering plenty of ground. Aside from this, the various movements during combat will give you a surprisingly strenuous full body workout.

Want to Cut Down Your Kids Gaming Time?

Kids Paintball Parties

If your children are a bit older now (aged 11+) a birthday party with a bouncy castle and blowing out their candles probably won’t cut it anymore. In fact, as they get older it can be more difficult to think of birthday ideas that suit their needs. Fortunately for you, a kids paintball parties the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, spend quality time with their friends, and it will undoubtedly be a day to remember.

Introducing a New Hobby

Although gaming has now evolved from a form of entertainment to a genuine hobby and in some cases, a career — it’s always a good idea for your kids to embrace an interest that allows them to enjoy the great outdoors. Introducing your child to a new activity promotes creativity, motivation, and has the potential to provide them with a lifelong hobby.

In regards to cutting down their gaming hours, a new hobby will require time and effort to improve their skills and gain experience, which means there will be less time spent indoors glued to a screen. And although this may only seem like a slight reduction, being encouraged to spend more time outdoors might be the kickstart they need to adopt a more active lifestyle.

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