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Easter Gift Ideas: Blossom Bunnies Unboxing

by S1m
Blossom Bunnies

You maybe a little overwhelmed by the shelves stacked high with Easter eggs at the moment, I know I certainly am! Far too much chocolate for my liking, that is far too expensive for what you actually get… and then it disappears within 30 seconds, never to be remembered again.

Easter should be about bunnies and cuteness… something the limited edition Blossom Bunnies (part of the World’s Apart Scruff-A-Luvs range) offer in abundance, making them the perfect non-chocolate related gift this Easter! Un

Packaged in a colourful box, you do not know which colour of bunny you will have rescued until you open the packaging.

Blossom Bunnies

blossom bunnies

With a choice of Lemon Drizzle (yellow), Posie (pink) or Peppermint (blue), the suspense really is great until the big reveal!

Blossom Bunnies

In all fairness, neither Liv nor myself knew what to expect when it came to the unboxing, it truly was a surprise for us both. Which is why this next image is so hilarious! The face reads ‘What do I do? This isn’t a teddy bear!’

Blossom Bunnies

It turns out that Blossom Bunnies need a good wash when you unpack and re-home them, which makes total sense!
I quite like the ‘you need to do something’ aspect and give your bunny some love for them to come out of their shell.

Blossom Bunnies

Make sure you wash you bunny in the bath and use a little shampoo or body wash to ensure your bunny looks their best when dry. Drying a soft toy is always painstaking, especially with the unpredictable weather meaning and outside dry is out of the question. For a quick dry, use a hairdryer and the included brush to make your new soft toy friend is fluffy.

Blossom Bunnies

Also included in the box is an adoption certificate, allowing your child to choose a name for their bunny. Liv thought that ‘Scruffles’ would be a good name for her particular Blossom Bunny – which as you can see is Lemon Drizzle! A brush and flower hair accessory are also included.  I can tell you that Scruffles did not look particularly impressed when drying out…

Blossom Bunnies

However, once fully dry and after a few cuddles and some much needed brushing to fluff up, Snuffles certainly looked the part! Soft and cuddly, you really do need to brush Blossom Bunnies a lot to keep them fluffy-ish!

Blossom Bunnies

The trick to ensuring your Blossom Buddy is as fluffy as possible is to keep brushing whilst drying, allow to fully dry and then brush in all directions. Even after a wash, I still considered a turn in the washing machine with some fabric softener (on a low setting) to ensure maximum fluffiness!

Even though Liv is now 10 years old, her love of soft toys will never wane and once she had realised Scuffles needed a bath first, was equally as impressed with the concept… but very impatient for the drying stage! So it maybe wise to have an Easter egg to hand for this stage! 😉

Blossom Bunnies

Getting out and about recently has been somewhat non-existent, mainly due to the weather and having colds, so Scuffles has had to make do with accompanying us on the school run’s… I’d say Scruffles is quite comfy! Soft toys follow us everywhere, a sort of home comfort when out and about and I am sure that this Blossom Bunnies toy will be packed in a back pack ready for adventure as soon as we have stopped blowing our noses!

If you know someone who would like to rehome and adopt the limited edition Blossom Bunnies, you can purchase them from toy stockist such as Smyths, Argos or Amazon. Blossom Bunnies have an RRP of £19.99, are aimed at children aged 4 years plus and are certainly longer lasting than chocolate! Check back on Friday when Sim’s Life will be offering the chance to win a Blossom Bunnies toy!

Blossom bunnies

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