5 Focal Point Choices For Your Living Room

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Your living room is the heart of your home, and there is nothing more important than getting the decor right. Sure, you’ll be in there making memories with your family whatever it looks like, but there’s something about a living room that screams comfort and cosiness, and one that is also intelligently designed and well thought out. Your guests will love it, you’ll love relaxing in there, and it really will be that room that nobody wants to leave.

5 Focal Point Choices For Your Living Room

Getting it right involves using clever focal points, however, and this can be difficult to achieve. We’ve put together some simple ideas for those who want to create a perfectly balanced room, with a beautiful focal point to tie it all together.

5 Focal Point Choices For Your Living Room

  1. Artworks

There is nothing that works better as a focal point than artwork, and there are many ways that you can make this look great in your living room. Not only is this a great way to channel your personality into your home, but it also gets rid of those boring white walls, which nobody wants to see. Perhaps you can get prints of an artwork that really moved you, or you can just go around some charity shops and markets looking for pieces that really stick out to you. You don’t need to splash the cash on original and expensive works, rather, you just need to find something that you like, and that you feel defines your personality.

  1. Plants

If you’re a green-fingered nature lover, then investing in some bigger plants for your living room could help you when it comes to finding some focal points for your space. Having bigger plants, to put either side of your fireplace, for example, could really help you to fill up what seems like an empty and dull room. Whether you use them as the main focal point or not, plants are always great ways to liven up your living room, and you don’t need to put too much effort into caring for most of them, if this isn’t your thing.

  1. Sofas

The sofa is the main part of anyone’s living room, and this is why it’s a great idea to use it (or them) as a focal point. A good way to do this is to make sure that you inject some colour into the space through your sofas. Think about how much time you spend here, and how important it is to make the focus of your living room all about the comfort, and the notion of togetherness and socialising. You can do this by positioning your sofas to face each other, rather than the television, perhaps with a coffee table (and books) in between them.

focal point choices for your living room

  1. Windows

If your living room has particularly interesting and appealing windows, then don’t be afraid to make this the main focal point of your space. You can do this by having curtains that start from the top of the wall, rather than the top of the window, and you can also position your furniture on either side of the window, to make sure that it is the main part of the room that people look at. Think wisely about how you can draw more attention to it, through wallpaper or paint, for example, if you really want to make an impact.

  1. Accent walls

An accent wall is a great way to create a focal point, and you don’t even need to splash out a lot of cash to make this happen. Whether you go for wallpaper, or you decide to paint one wall a different colour from the rest, this can really have an impact on how the overall space looks and feels, and it certainly creates a more homely feel than having four white walls. Think about what would look great with your furniture, and don’t be afraid to try out a few colours (if you’re painting) before you find something that really creates the feeling that you want.

So, if you’re looking to find a focal point for your living room, why not try out these simple ideas? Whether you decide to use your furniture wisely, or you just want to accentuate a window that you already have, there are many ways to make sure that your living room is appealing and comfortable, and that you’ve got your decor down to a T. Ultimately, drawing upon what you love and care about is a great way to create your perfect space!

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