Taking A Stroll Into The Unknown

Taking A Stroll Into The Unknown

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There is nothing quite like a breezy Sunday walk to blow away the cobwebs!

I had somewhat hibernated over Winter, the weather not exactly being inviting, but now with the sun shining, I have no more excuses and I am delighted to get out and about again.

Taking A Stroll Into The Unknown

A friend had suggested a walk last Sunday and we jumped at the chance, especially as it meant walking around a completely new area.

How I hadn’t been aware of the three Whitehead reservoirs before is beyond me, especially as they are only a mile away from my house. In all my years living in my home town, I had never realised they were there… and they aren’t exactly small in size!

Whitehead Reservoir

It was great to get back out in the sun, although due to the open land it was seriously breezy and even the adults were being blown to the side. The dogs didn’t seem to mind though and were quite happy to potter along, especially as we didn’t come across anyone on the good 5k walk.

Whitehead reservoir walk

The walk was a chance to rock my Brasher walking boots, which I seriously cannot recomment enough! Brushing them off for another Summer of geocaching. I had totally forgotten to check if there were any cache in the area, however it is now our excuse to go back for a proper exploring session.

whitehead reservoir Sunday Walk

We do love a good Geocaching session and are looking forward to adding more cache finds to our map this year. Jane from A Little Lyrical got us hooked last year and for an outdoor family activity that is free, it really is fabulous and not as geeky as you would expect! Get out as a family, have fun on the hunt for cache and also boost your fitness in the process!

If you fancy giving Geocaching a try, I wrote a handy post on Travel Guide Blog covering the top 5 Geocaching essentials you need before you start. It’s well worth reading to ensure you are prepared for the activity, leaving only the consideration of where you will go Geocaching!



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  1. Laurie

    I have never tried geocaching, but it is very appealing. May have to give it a try. A walk in the warm spring sunshine sounds very appealing. I think that’s what I will suggest to Hubby this weekend!

  2. Jo (A Rose Tinted World)

    I am really looking forward to geocaching at some point. Our little one is only 3 though so maybe not this year! #PoCoLo

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