Sinking Your Teeth into Cosmetic Dentistry for Dazzling Smiles

Sinking Your Teeth into Cosmetic Dentistry for Dazzling Smiles

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Look around you and suddenly it seems as though everyone has amazing teeth. I’ve only recently been noticing this trend and I wondered where it came from. When I say everyone, I don’t mean that literally, but definitely a growing number of people seem to have been to the dentist not just when they’re in pain and need an extraction or filling — but also for cosmetic dentistry.

Sinking Your Teeth into Cosmetic Dentistry for Dazzling Smiles

Who knew?!

In this part of the world, we usually think cosmetic dentistry — having crowns and veneers fitted for a dazzling Hollywood smile — is something us mere mortals never even dream of attaining, because it’s reserved for celebrities. They don’t mind shelling out a small fortune — perhaps the cost of a family sized car — to have their teeth done because, after all, it’s their job to look amazing. But us?!

Sinking Your Teeth into Cosmetic Dentistry

After I started noticing more people around me with radiant pearly whites, I did some digging and found out that reasonably priced cosmetic dentistry has now become widely available not just in America — traditionally the home of brilliant smiles — but over in the UK too at clinics such as Vallance Dental Centre. It also turns out that having your teeth “fixed” can drastically improve your self-esteem and more people are having it even in place of popular facial procedures like Botox and dermal fillers to erase wrinkles. Sign me up!

High-Tech Cheap Cosmetic Dentistry

So how has this cheap cosmetic dentistry revolution come about? Like many things in the modern world, it’s all down to technology, enabling dentists to do more in a shorter time because machines take over the bulk of the work. That’s not to say you’ll be worked on by a kind of dental robot, but when you make an appointment for cosmetic dentistry and then go ahead, it’s likely different types of tech will be involved in the procedure to examine, design and make your veneers or crowns.

This can involve the dentist using a sophisticated camera to take images and map out your teeth and gums. From there, a design is made for crowns or veneers so that each one perfectly fits the shape of your teeth and enhances them by aligning them and making them appear straighter.

The next step is an on-site machine that makes the veneers or crowns that are then ready to be fitted to the patient. Not only does this drastically reduce the time needed to carry out the entire procedure, but also makes it much easier and far more comfortable for the patient. Previously, you’d have to bite down hard on a material to take an impression of your teeth, for example, and it often led to jaw ache.

Sinking Your Teeth into Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Makeovers

Now we can add smiles to all the other kinds of makeovers we do to ourselves every now and again — our clothes, body and face — as we try to improve our appearance and look incredible. The smile is definitely not being left out, and with the introduction of new cosmetic dental technology, it can be done in as little as a day — and won’t break the bank either.

All this is not so surprising to me, because when you meet someone or are just looking at a particular person, one of the first things you notice about them is their teeth. We haven’t always had the best of teeth on these islands, but we’re catching up with our American cousins and giving ourselves a big confidence boost in the process.

If there’s a special occasion like a wedding or big milestone birthday, all the more reason to have not just your hair and face done but your teeth too. Similarly, if you’re embarking on a new relationship or want to impress at work and nail that promotion — it’s all about how you look and present yourself to the world and often those who don’t make an effort fall behind. A little bit of care and attention speaks volumes.

It is certainly something to smile about!

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