How To Make Your Next Road Trip A Happy One

How To Make Your Next Road Trip A Happy One

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The price of hopping on a plane has never been lower. But that hasn’t stopped people from shirking the airport and deciding instead to get out on the open road for a road trip.

Road trips are fundamentally different animals to regular vacations or excursions. The thing that makes them unique is the fact that just about anything can happen while you’re out on the open road. There are no rules and endless opportunities to find new hidden gems.

But not all road trips are roaring successes. Unless you do some planning beforehand, you could end up traveling from place to place without really feeling like you’re getting a great deal out of the experience.

Here’s how to make your next road trip a happy one.

Get A National Park Pass

How To Make Your Next Road Trip A Happy One

Depending on where you are, you may need a national park pass – a card that gives you permission to enter into any national park and enjoy the recreational facilities. National parks are full of wonder and offer some of the most pristine and best-managed wildernesses anywhere in the country. There’s no risk of straying onto somebody else’s land, giving you the freedom to explore where you want.

Don’t Travel In A Classic Car

The internet is replete with images of people careering around the country in old VW campervans. But while that might be the ideal, it’s probably not practical. Classic cars are prone to breakdown, just when you don’t want them to.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use a second-hand car from a vendor like Century Cars; it just means that you should steer clear of vehicles that don’t offer a high level of reliability. While it might be fun to see whether you can drive across a continent in a car that costs less than £1,000, it’s probably not a good idea in general.

Don’t Eat Big Meals

While you might want to stuff your face on holiday, doing so on a road trip can spell disaster. Eating a lot of food increases the level of glucose in the blood. When glucose levels rise, the body releases another chemical called tryptophan. Tryptophan is associated with sleep, which is why people who have just eaten a large meal tend to feel drowsy. Drowsiness, while you’re sitting on a recliner beside a swimming pool, is safe enough, but feeling sleepy at the wheel is not. Experts recommend that people on road trips avoid binging and roadside fast food outlets and eat small, light meals instead.

Be Spontaneous

The whole point of road trips is to discover new things to see and do. So if you see something that catches your eye, stop and try it. Many of the most rewarding experiences that people have on road trips come about because they dare to do something new.

Don’t Set High Expectations

How To Make Your Next Road Trip A Happy One

No road trip should ever disappoint, because no road trip should be associated with expectations. Road trips are inherently unpredictable. You never really know where you’ll end up or what you’ll do, especially if you set off in the spirit of exploration. Keep expectations to a minimum, and you’ll enjoy yourself more.

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