The Top 3 Healthiest Sports

The Top 3 Healthiest Sports

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Taking part in a sport is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy as well as to develop skills such as hand-eye co-ordination and strategic thinking. But why not go one step further in your quest to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle by choosing to take part in one of the top 3 healthiest sports out there. Here are the top three to give you some ideas of what makes them so beneficial for you.

The Top 3 Healthiest Sports


Playing squash is essentially like playing a rally in tennis. It involves two players who are each associated with one side of the court however, with squash, the players are positioned side by side. You take it in turns to hit the ball with your racket against a wall opposite you both. The game only ends when someone fails to return the ball before it bounces twice. Squash is one of the most physically demanding sports as it requires extreme flexibility in order to reach the ball when it lands in tricky places, as well as muscular endurance as rallies can go on for some time. The game also requires almost constant movement around the court. Squash is seen as a great cardio workout as well as being a big calorie burner.

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Underwater Hockey

Hockey alone is a physically demanding sport. Players must run fast whilst keeping a close eye on the ball, as well as coming up with strategies to beat the opposing team, using speed and skill. However, you can now play underwater hockey which also combines the numerous benefits of swimming. Swimming uses just about every muscle group in your body, and in order to play a full game of hockey you need endurance and strength. Swimming keeps your heart rate up whilst not impacting your body too harshly. Underwater hockey is another great example of a cardio sport.

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Target Practice

Target practice is a sport which focuses on developing healthy mental skills. Target practice requires laser sharp focus of the mind, which is a great ability to develop, especially as it can come in very handy in other areas of life too. Target practice also helps to develop the ability of your eyes as it relies heavily on their capabilities, as well as also requiring physical strength. Your success in hitting targets depends heavily on your ability to keep a steady hand and arm and this requires great strength. Use of a weapon also causes an adrenalin reaction which keeps blood flowing. One low-key weapon that you can use for target practice is bb guns.

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When you hear the word sports you probably think of football, baseball and basketball and while all sports are beneficial to take part in, the most popular choices are not always the healthiest. Squash demands endurance and muscle strength as well as determination. Underwater hockey uses every muscle group whilst also minimizing the impact on your body, at the same time as helping you to develop strategic thinking abilities and fast decision making. And finally, target practice helps you to perfect motor skills such as hand-eye co-ordination and the ability to keep a steady hand and laser sharp focus of the mind and eye. For more healthy lifestyle tips, take a look at


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