How To Look Awesome When Travelling With Cabin Baggage

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How To Look Awesome When Travelling With Cabin Baggage

Liv and I have become rather accustomed to travelling light, prefering travelling with cabin baggage these days making travel easier and slightly cheaper! Simply packing a few things in a bag and dashing off is quite liberating!

With limitations on carrying liquids (unfer 100ml), this can make packing the essentials a little harder when only travelling light. If you are travelling to a destination you have never visited, then you may not know where to pick up any items you need in order to look awesome whilst away!

Knowing what your absolute essentials are is a good starting point – what will you need the moment you arrive? Let’s have a look at some handy items to ensure you look awesome the moment you land!

How To Look Awesome When Travelling With Cabin Baggage

travelling with cabin baggage

Alcatel 3C

You’re going to need a camera to capture those special moments and considering space is at a premium, it’s best to leave your DSLR at home. Phones these days have amazing cameras with extra capabilities – besides, a phone is essential when travelling! The stylish looking Alcatel 3C dual SIM smartphone is something quite special – despite its size (featuring a 6″ HD full screen), it has a really slim design and hardly weighs anything! Operating on the Android system, it’s very easy to navigate the 4G phone – making it suitable when roaming. Alongside the 13mp camera, the phone also offers video capabilities and a front camera for the all important selfies – with social mode allowing you to take, edit and share pictures instantly. You can purchase and unlocked Alcatel 3C from Amazon.

how to looks awesome with Havianas


You have just landed in sunnier climes, your feet need a breather, so what do you slip on? A pair of Havaianas of course! The ultimate flip flops – super comfy, extremely sturdy, all rounded off with amazinly funky designs! If you want to look awesome when travelling light, you need to make space for a pair of these! Havaianas have been working with the IPE Institute for over 13 years to help with the conservation of the Brazilian fauna and flora – the IPE collection (£20) features 3 stunningly colourful nature designs, providing the ultimate luxury for your feet. For GOT fans, there is a new dedicated Havaianas Game Of Thrones collection for those who want to continue the story when the series finishes!

Suncream ideal for cabin baggage

Calypso Sun Lotion

I am a huge fan of the Calypso sun lotion range mainly because they offer spray sun cream protection in lower factors for me, the ultimate sun bunny! Though we have a great stock of the Calypso Kids Roll On sun creams (SPF 30 and 50) too – the sun cream rolls on blue and then appears invisible when rubbed in, meaning Liv can take charge and I can actually see that she is using it correctly. They are so super handy to have on you every day, not just when travelling! The small size (50ml) means they are great to place in school bags for top up’s during the day, but more imporantly, they are allowable in your cabin baggage! The 50ml tube of SPF30 Facial Sun protection cream with anti ageing properties is ideal to have on hand when you step off the plane and is suitable for those with sensitive skin. I pick all my Calypso sun lotion products up from Home Bargains, it’s well worth a stock up before you travel!

DenTek floss picks case for travelling

DenTek Floss Picks Case

Dental hygiene is important, whether home or away. You may worry about space in your cabin baggage, however DenTek have made it easier for you to floss and look after your teeth when travelling with this rather handy travel pack of floss picks. The vibrant colours mean you will easily be able to find the pack at the bottom of your bag! Each case contains 6 mouthwash blast flavoured floss picks, allowing you to remove food, reduce tooth decay, remove plaque and fight bad breath, all whilst on the go! When you return home, the large multipacks will last ages and are something I have in the home. Offering a silky floss, I know they are safe for both myself and Liv to use. When the cases are empty, simply refill and away you go! You can purchase the DenTek Floss picks case or other products in the range from Boots.

St. Moriz Develop

St. Moriz Gradual Tan & Protect Cream

Not a product for travelling light due to its 175ml size, however this is definitely a product to use BEFORE you travel, to ensure you look awesome when you step off the plane at your destination! The St. Moriz Gradual Tan & Protect Cream is part of their Advanced Pro range and helps to develop a tan before you have even stepped out into the sun. It is advised to use an application mitt when using the cream to give an even coverage, that and noone wants orange hands! Delivering powerful hydration and providing an extra moisture boost for skin, the cream is also SPF30, offering UVA/UVB protection. Containing breakthrough patented fragrance technology, the cream actually smells really quite nice and refreshing! To me it smells like a buttery vanilla – so definitely no smell of biscuits when using this tanning cream! If you are self-conscious of your white bits before jetting off, then this product will certainly allow you to glow! You can purchase the St. Moriz range from Feel Unique.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration on what to pack when travelling light, knowing that you will look awesome when you land and beyond!

Travel Tip: Plane travel can be very deyhdrayting so always make sure you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!

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@pettElaine April 27, 2019 at 10:58 am

Fingerlings comp. My husband made me smile by making Spanish eggs for breakfast

Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too April 28, 2019 at 5:20 pm

I tend to over pack every time, no matter how much I remember the untouched items from the last trip

S1m April 29, 2019 at 12:21 pm

I can pack week’s worth of clothes, 80% that never actually get worn when we reach our destination. I’ve been lucky with packing 10kg bags so far… 5kg will be a challenge! 🙂 x

chickenruby May 5, 2019 at 5:03 am

I never pack toiletries when i travel other than foundation, mascara, lipstick and eyeliner. i prefer to buy what I need or use in the hotel on arrival


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