Awesome Ideas For A Community Event

Ideas For A Community Event

Living in a close knit community can be the best feeling. You know everyone in the area and everyone feels like one big extended family. It is always safest to live in a community like this because people look out for each other and care about one another.

To celebrate a community such as this there are so many different things we can do, and sometimes a party can be the best way to do it. Today we are taking a look at a few ways to make an amazing event for the community this summer.  

Hire a band

The first and one of the most obvious ways to celebrate a party in your local community is to hire a band who will come and play for everyone. If you are able to hire the space in a local park for the day, you can hire both local bands and other bands to make your party the best it can be. It will be super fun for you to organise and you’ll be able to dance the night away with the people in your local area.

Outdoor cinema

What could be better on a summer day than everyone sitting in the park with beers and snacks watching a movie? An outdoor cinema can be an amazing idea for you to try out in your park and you can hire a projector and screen for this for a pretty reasonable price. It will be something which brings everyone together for the afternoon and this can be a great thing for you to do.

Ideas For A Community Event

Dog show

If a lot of the people in your local community are animal lovers, one great idea for you to try out this year is to host a dog show. You can have a few people as judges to check on performance and have activities such as agility courses, show walks and more. Because it is a community event and not a professional one, you can be creative with the prizes categories such as prettiest dog, lookalike dog and owner, and most entertaining dog.

Big barbecue

One of the fun things you can try and do this year for our local area is host a massive barbecue with a potluck style. This means that everyone who comes to the party will bring a plate of food and everyone can enjoy trying new things and sharing recipes. You can have a few grills fried up and bring in the big guns to cook up a storm while you all enjoy beer and wine in the summer sun!

Sports day

What could be more entertaining than watching a grandma racing a 6 year old in a sack race? Nothing. Sports days aren’t just for children, and it can actually be the ideal way to bring the community closer together because you can pick names out of a hat to create he teams and it will allow people who have never spoken before to get to know each other a little better!

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