Tips On Choosing The Perfect Flooring For Your Home

Tips On Choosing The Perfect Flooring For Your Home

I have been waiting to decorate and lay down new flooring in my house for years now, waiting for the time when we were pet free in order to have a full refresh.

The time is now upon us and I really should start researching! I have no idea where to start really, though I’m sure I will know the difference between engineered oak wood flooring and laminate by the time I finish!

If you are looking into decorate, here are some handy tips on choosing the perfect flooring for your home

Choose your colours wisely

A blank canvas is great to work from, especially as you can build your room accessories around your colour. However, if your room is already set up and you are simply changing your flooring, then the colour will play a big part with whether you need to re-decorate or re-accessorize. The light level in the room can really affect the ambience created – for smaller dimension rooms, a light coloured flooring can give the impression a room is larger.

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How busy is the room?

If the room is a main room which you use often, then a hard-wearing floor is definitely needed! With a heavy traffic room, you will require flooring that is strong and tough such as, wooden flooring, ceramic or tiles… all of which are easy to maintain and keep on top of. Add a rug as a statement accessory and to provide some warmth under foot. Bedrooms do benefit from carpet… who wants cold tootsies as soon as you swing out of bed? Also, if you have pets (or small children), then hard flooring really is the way to go!

How much will it cost?

Cost always plays a big part when looking to change aspects of your home, but it is well worth investing in flooring that will last the test of time. Cushions can be changed almost immediately, walls painted with ease, but changing flooring is a task that you do not want to be undertaking on a regular basis!

Rely on the professionals

There maybe an added charge for the fitting of your new flooring, but it seriously is worth it! Professional fitters know exactly what they are doing and can have your new floor installed in a jiffy. If it’s something you wish to try for yourself, make sure you research properly beforehand – realising a tile is facing the wrong way when you have completed the fit is never fun!

I hope these handy tips help when you are choosing new flooring!





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  1. Geeky Daddy

    Great list. I used to be a sales manager for a flooring distributor (seems like a lifetime ago) and I always had my team start off with 2 questions: “How is the room going to be used?” which would dictate what type of material to use and “How long do you plan on staying in the home?” which would guide you in how long lasting of material you should show them (such as nylon fiber carpet vs. polyester fiber). But home purchasing is also different here in the US.

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