7 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A New Puppy

7 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A New Puppy

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Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting experience. However, if you’re not careful, it can be a dangerous one too. Puppies have a massive amount of energy, as well as a natural curiosity. They love to explore the world around them, and they do so with their mouths. This is completely normal behaviour and is often quite fun, but it can also lead to potentially harmful situations. Before introducing your new furry family member, therefore, you must ensure that your house is safe for them. With that in mind, here are seven ways to prepare your home for a new puppy.

  1. Stow Away Electrical Cords

Puppies like to chew. Although they should eventually get out of the habit, until they do, it’s crucial that you remove anything dangerous your new pet might want to sink their teeth into. Electrical cords are a huge hazard, as they can cause burns, shocks, and even worse. If your puppy pulls too hard on the wire, they might also pull something heavy down onto them. Because of this, it’s best to keep electrical cords out of sight by securing them behind appliances and furniture.

  1. Lock Up Toxic Substance

Most typical households have an abundance of dangerous substances within them. These come in the form of cleaning products, medications, perfumes, makeup products, and similar items. It’s important that you don’t leave any of these things lying around. If they’re left out long enough, your new furry friend won’t be able to resist chewing on them, which could make them incredibly ill. Ideally, all items like this should be stored somewhere up high and secured with a lock.

  1. Get Rid Of Greenery

It’s not just chemical-based substances that can cause your new pet harm. Many house plants also pose a huge risk to a dog’s health. Because of this, you should research the plants in your home and get rid of any toxic ones. At the very least, you should display them somewhere up high. You should also consider installing pet friendly artificial grass. This is much more durable than real grass, so you won’t have to deal with your dog digging holes in the entire garden.

  1. Leave The Lid Down

It doesn’t matter that you leave a fresh bowl of water out for your dog; If you leave the toilet lid up, they will go and see if that water tastes any better. The problem with this is that the toilet bowl is a breeding ground for bacteria. Most toilets are also full of cleaning chemicals. This is why it’s so important that you remember to put the lid down. If there are any other water features in or around your home, like fish tanks, ponds, or pools, then you will have to cover those up too.

  1. Keep Trash Up High

The smell of trash gets dogs incredibly excited. After all, most of our rubbish bins are full of old foods. However, there are many other things we put in our trash that aren’t quite so appealing. Packaging, old toiletries, and used razors can all be very dangerous if your dog gets a hold of them. The easiest way to avoid this is to keep your bins in a place your new puppy can’t reach. Somewhere up high is ideal, but, if it isn’t possible, then go for a cupboard that you can lock.

  1. Get Them A Space

Your dog needs a place to call it’s own, especially if there are other animals in the house. This gives them somewhere to retreat to when they want a nap or need to get away for a while. You could provide your puppy with a bed or a spot on the sofa, but a crate might be an even better option. This is because it gives a little more privacy for your animal. It also shows crates to be positive things, which helps your pet get used to travelling, kennels, and going to the vets.

  1. Put Limits In Place

Curious by nature, your new puppy is going to want to explore every inch of your home. However, not everywhere in your house is going to be safe for them. Because of this, you must put limits in place by setting up gates, installing fences, and closing doors. No matter how well you prepare your home, you’re never going to eliminate every danger, so it’s vital that you do all you can to keep your new furry friend away from those that are left.

Before you bring your new puppy home, follow the advice above to get it ready for them.


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