Giveaway: Maths Fun For Cool Kids Workbook

Giveaway: Maths Fun For Cool Kids Workbook

What better timing to run another giveaway on Sim’s Life and add some cheer into an utterly miserable week! If anyone locates the Sun, please inform it that it needs to shift over to the North West! Has anyone else had their heating on this week, or is it just me?

Anyway, I digress as always! Back to the post!

You may well have entered the previous giveaway to win a copy of the Revision Fun For Clever Kids workbook, a revision book aimed at Year 5 aged children that aids SATs and 11+ exam preparation. There really were some fantastic tips for exam preparation in the entries, with the main emphasis being on ‘don’t panic… and take your time!’.

Exams can seem like a daunting prospect to undertake, at any age! However, as adults we all know that we need to prepare – establishing this mindset in children will certainly stand them in better stead!

Whilst the Revision Fun For Clever Kids workbook from Jumping Yak features a range of topics from English, Maths and beyond, I have the great delight of introducing you to the newly published ‘Maths Fun For Cool Kids’, an entire workbook dedicated to Maths!

Maths Fun For Cool Kids

Katie Knapman and Edward Matthews have been working hard, compiling a new dedicated subject revision book that will help Year 5 aged children concentrate on a whole host of fun Maths problems.

That’s right, you did read that correctly! ‘FUN‘ Maths problems!

Revision should not be a chore, with Jumping Yak taking that on board and in turn publishing revision workbooks that make learning fun, easy to understand and more importantly, engaging! The use of colours and images make the questions and challenges easier to comprehend… and finish! We are huge fans of the range and if anything they also keep my mind ticking over – don’t worry, answers are in the back of the revision book if required!

With the Summer holidays approaching quickly, a 6 week break from school is a dream come true for children. However, the Jumping Yak workbooks are a great idea to ensure there isn’t a huge shock when your child moves into the next year come September. A couple of pages during the week and Maths will still be fresh in your child’s mind without them even realising!

Priced at a very reasonable £8.99, the Maths Fun For Cool Kids workbook can be purchased directly from Jumping Yak, alongside the full range.

To find out more behind Katie Knapman, the author behind the workbook, check out BBC2’s Family Brain Games with Dara O’Brien. Starting on Monday 17th June, every night until Thursday for two weeks at 8pm, watch as the UK’s cleverest families, including Katie’s family take part in contests to see which family will be crowned the Ultimate Champions.

Now, for your chance to enter the giveaway… details are below the image…

Maths Fun For Cool Kids

For your chance to win a Maths Fun For Cool Kids workbook, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!

Maths Fun For Cool Kids

Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 30th June 2019.
One winning entry will be drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending and a UK postal address to send to the official agent to arrange delivery of the prize will be required by the winners.
The one winner will receive 1 x Maths Fun For Cool Kids workbook.
Open to entrants in the UK only.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

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  1. Sarah Cooper

    I used to like the Christmas concerts.

  2. Allan Mcrae

    Scoring my first goal for the football team because my dad was there

  3. Solange

    I loved my drama classes because I was a little drama queen.

  4. Fozia Akhtar

    I loved art as it always so fun and I got to make some lovely things

    1. Margaret GALLAGHER

      Domestic science – our teacher was BRILL and made everything such fun

  5. Chris Andrews

    the school trips as we even had one to Paris which my parents couldn’t really afford but wanted me to experience

  6. Kim Neville

    Being the best all rounder in PE for my year group and dance for shows was a big achievement

  7. David

    My best memory of school is going on school trips as it was a fantastic experience to go to different places that I wouldn’t normally gone, and with my friends.

  8. fiona waterworth

    Leaving on the last day, I hated the place

  9. Emma G

    Doing Cross Country and Athletics because I loved being part of a team

  10. Adrian Bold

    My best memory of school was being around friends.

  11. Sharon Everett

    My fondest memory is playing hopscotch and kisses chase in the playground at primary school. And singing in assemblies. ❤️

  12. Sally Collingwood

    Singing in assembly, was a happy time!

  13. laura stewart

    music lessons use to love them xx

  14. Marwan

    PE Lessons – those were the best

  15. Natasha Cross

    science lessons as they were my favourite!



  17. Maria P

    I loved my maths teacher – she was very-very good at explaining things and it helped a lot for all of my class

  18. Rebecca Nisbet

    Although I do not really talk to many of them anymore it was the friendships and laughs that I had.

  19. Paul Bingham

    The Summer holidays ,that seemed never ending

  20. Natalie Burgess

    I used to love our christmas primary school partys they were always so exciting!

  21. Pam Francis Gregory

    Starting to learn the flute. A lifelong passion….

  22. Geri Gregg

    I used to love our summer fairs and fundraising activities. I loved the stalls and games

  23. Laura Pritchard

    Getting the lead role in the Year 5 class play – I felt so proud!

  24. isabelle smith

    drama lessons, I loved it when we did Macbeth

  25. Chrissy58

    Playing badminton for my school and winning all the doubles’ tournaments!

  26. Lynn Neal

    When I was at infant school we raced to finish our sums as quickly as possible and as long as they were all correct we could have our choice of the toys to play with and I always wanted to get the farmyard because it was my favourite!

  27. leanne weir

    Last day of school walking out with my friends to the pub – unforgettable

  28. Rahat

    I loved my Art lessons because my teacher was fab. I enjoyed drawing, painting and designing and still do!

  29. sallie burrows

    playing hockey

  30. Joanne Austin

    I loved playing Netball and being part of a team

  31. lise Barlow

    this guide would be great for my daughter x

  32. Kirsty Taylor

    I used to love history day, where we’d dress up as Victorians or Miners for the day and enact how they would have lived for a day

  33. emma kinsey

    overnight trips to menai wales going on night walks and exploring caves and off course the zipwire loved it

  34. Tammy Tudor

    My best memory is school trips! Even though usually it was a trip to the museum I remember getting so excited at the adventure that I thought it was!

  35. Cara Towers

    Definitely cooking- I remember very clearly making pita bread pizza and being so chuffed because it was the first meal I cooked for myself

  36. Claire woods

    History lessons because I had a good teacher.

  37. Angela Kelly

    My fondest memory of secondary school was leaving! That feeling still ranks up there as one of the happiest of my life. I work in a school now and try my hardest to make sure none of my students feel like I used to.

  38. Karen Usher

    Absolutely loved my swimming lessons at school, we were lucky enough to have a swimming pool at school and we had so much fun in the pool, Im pretty sure I learnt to swim so well at school!

  39. Gina L

    My friends and I used to roll our lunchbox fruit out of the main gates and onto the road, and wait patiently for cars to run over them. Endless entertainment from a few sacrificial clementines!

  40. Rich Tyler

    Getting inside from P.E freezing my butt off, frozen to the bone, feeling of warmth!!!

  41. Angela Treadway

    keyboard lessons after school, i still play keyboard now x

  42. Diane Goodwin

    I loved when there were thunderstorms or heavy rain, one of my teachers read books to us and didn’t flinch if someone needed to hide under the desk or cover their ears. It really helped a class of 5/6 year olds, and as an adult, I now appreciate her calm kindness.

  43. Tracey F

    The school trips especially going over to France on a day trip.

  44. Samantha O'D

    We used to do a lot of theatre workshop trips, i loved these

  45. Rachel Butterworth

    Art class, I loved doing something creative.

  46. Susan B

    Being outside playing sport in summer. We had large sports fields and plenty of time allocated to it then. Such fun!

  47. Karen Stirling

    Lunch times, because I could play with my mates.

  48. sarah parker

    I loved sports day – fun to have day outside


    Playing badminton and winning the under 16s singles comp

  50. Rachel Craig

    Walking home from school with my best friend. We would take it in turns which home we went to :- Mine or hers, and we would share items /foodstuff that we had made in cookery class. We were in different cookery classes. After spending time together after school at one of our homes, returned to own home. We had fun, chats, spent time with each other’s family, and built up a great bond.

  51. Katie w

    History lessons as really enjoyed them

  52. Stephanie 139a

    Maths can be fun – but not everyone takes the time to find the fun! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  53. Troy Easton

    Playing five side Football and because I was nearly always captain of the football team and I got to pick my mates to play with.

  54. Christopher Read

    Creating my own comics and magazines in primary school because it was my favourite thing to do 🙂

  55. janine atkin

    we always had activity week at the end of the year so we got to do canoeing, water skiing, hiking etc

  56. carol boffey

    making cards and stuff

  57. Eileen Tingle

    My fondest memory was Scottish Dancing lessons, we were in groups of fours and it was all girls: the boys were in a different building, It was a poor area, although I didn’t realise that at the time. but for half an hour we were proper young ladies. Credit to the teachers, By the way, this was in the 50’s.

  58. champaklal Lad

    Mathematics – great subject working, solving things out – taking it further with a Maths and computing degree, and then an MSc in Operational Research (solving problems business, strategic, operational using mathematical techniques)

  59. Matthew Day

    I was snake eyes in a bugsy malone production

  60. min

    playing in the school orchestra – made me feel proud 🙂

  61. Kirsty Greer

    The residential trips were always such good fun x

  62. kerri-marie Davidson

    Being with your friends all day, 5 days a week!!

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