Win A Set Of Beautifully Handcrafted Thai Coconut Bowls And Spoons

Win A Set Of Beautifully Handcrafted Thai Coconut Bowls And Spoons

It is a busy month for giveaways on Sim’s Life and I am especially excited to launch the latest!

I totally love products that have been reclaimed, there is so much waste these days that hearing of a product that has been upcycled requires some attention.

The beautifully handcrafted Thai Coconut Bowls and spoons have been reclaimed from discarded coconut shells, certainly making each piece in the collection very unique! The bowls are 100% natural and the hardiness of the shells making them perfect long lasting set in any kitchen! stacked thai coconut bowls

Each bowl is totally unique even down to characteristics, dimpling, patterns and colour. Whilst we may not be experiencing a full on Summer at the moment, the exotic charm of the bowls can easily make you forget about the dreary weather we are currently experiencing!

Lighter to hold than I expected, the bowls have been cut, cleaned and sanded – giving them a really lovely smooth and shiny appearance. Super easy to clean (hand wash only), you can serve up hot and cold dishes, snacks or the versatile bowls can even be used for decoration… the choice is entirely yours. They do also make a rather fun sound when clapped together! Best not show children that though!

vie gourmet coconut bowls

Below is our very own serving suggestion for using the bowls… they really do make for the perfect snack bowl, though I cannot wait to be slightly more creative, with the bowls being the perfect size for a curry and rice portion! The set is super cute, the spoons especially – they really are just a fun item to have in your home!

thai coconut bowls serving suggestion

The rather funky Vie Gourmet serving bowls are available to purchase from Global 1st priced at £19.95 for a set of four, complete with coconut spoons. There are other sets and items available in the range.

If you would like to purchase items from the range, simply use code ‘SIMSLIFE15’ Vie Gourmet to receive a 15% discount across the site!
For your chance to win a set of 4 Thai coconut bowls and spoons from Vie Gourmet, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!

Thai Coconut Bowl and Spoon Set

Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 14th July 2019.
One winning entry will be drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending and a UK postal address to send to the official agent to arrange delivery of the prize will be required by the winners.
The one winner will receive 4 x Thai Coconut Bowls and 4 x Spoons
Open to entrants in the UK only.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

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This Post Has 250 Comments

  1. Jade Robinson

    Thai green curry because it would make the dish look more authentic 🙂

  2. Tracy Nixon

    Thai Basil Fried Rice because it would taste nice in my new bowls!

  3. Ms C Bryan

    I think that they would make great soup bowls

    1. Helen Best

      Lovely bowls perfect for soup and noodles

  4. Gary Martin

    Hot & Spicy Chicken wings

    1. Jessica Evans

      Would be fun to eat ice cream out of them

    2. Carol Thomas

      I would serve red curry with coriander and Lemongrass rice

  5. Savannah

    I would put a large serving of jasmin rice and massaman curry in my bowls!

  6. katy peterson

    I make a lot of vegan soups, so probably a creamy lemongras-coconut-veggie soup

  7. Georgina Jacobs

    They would be perfect for breakfasts – porridge and smoothies bowls or stir fry’s for the evenings. thanks

  8. Sarah Ann

    I would cook a veggit stir fry to serve in these.

  9. Phil W

    I’d put soup from my soup maker in them

  10. Karen Usher

    Def a chicken curry and rice! Yum yum in my tum! My husband might think it will taste better if its served in some special dishes…my husband doesn’t rate my cooking hahaaha neither do I

  11. Rebecca Dakin

    I would love to use these for breakfast! Smoothie bowls all the way!!! x

  12. Iain maciver

    a stir fry would be perfect

  13. Keith Hunt

    A nice veg curry to remind me of my time in India.


    I would make a chicken curry as it is my family’s favourite thing to eat.

  15. Rich Tyler

    Thai Green Curry would be amazing in these

  16. Catherine Bullas

    Pad Thai because we’re all noodle fans in this house!

  17. Rasheeta

    Coconut rice

  18. Claire Shaw

    I’d serve Pad Thai because it’s my favourite dish!

  19. Steven S

    Massaman Curry – To remind us of our absolutely favourite holiday destination.

  20. Rachel Dayan

    Amok fish curry as the bowls remind me of how we ate it in Cambodia

  21. Allan Smith

    Sweet Potato and Chickpea Buddha Bowl – Because we love it!

  22. Paul Bingham

    Turkey Curry

  23. Danika Lloyd

    A rainbow salad as I think it would look really beautiful and effective

  24. julie henderson

    spag bol

  25. Sayj Trivedy

    Tomato soup because its nice and warming

  26. Jill W

    Thai Green Curry the bowls would give this dish a finishing touch, lovely

  27. Kara Harrison

    Balinese chicken curry with fragrant jasmine rice

  28. Dean T

    If this summer continues ice cream! Topped with some nutella and sprinkles with a flake jammed in

  29. Katie

    I would love to eat chicken jalfrezi out of this. It would give me a perfect sized portion and make me feel authentic Asian!

  30. Fozia Akhtar

    Soup to enjoy with friends

  31. fiona waterworth

    I think a nice curry on boiled rice would suit the style of the bowls

  32. Solange

    A Thai Green Curry because it’s delicious.

  33. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Sweet and sour noodle soup with lots of noodles

  34. Suzanne Drummond

    sticky rice with chicken wings

  35. Susan Smith

    I would cook and place a chicken curry and rice in the bowls

  36. Kim Neville

    Won ton soup or special fried rice

  37. pete c

    a mutton curry with rice as its one of my favourite dishes

  38. Ritchie Dee

    Vegan coconut ice cream. Coconut in a coconut.

  39. janine atkin

    id cook egg fried rice, because i love it

  40. Katie B

    Thai green curry as its actually one of the few things I’m good at cooking

  41. Cheron

    chicken curry and coconut rice x

  42. David

    These are lovely! I think I would serve ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce in them as it would be really tasty.

  43. Emma Walters

    my fav comfort food – porridge x

  44. Louise Laing

    I would definitely have all kinds of soup in this bowl. I use bowls for most meals so it would be amazing for everything!

  45. Lynn Neal

    I think a vegetable stew would look great in them!

  46. Penny H

    Thai sticky coconut rice – we eat Thai food a lot and these are so pretty to serve side dishes in!

  47. Tammy Tudor

    katsu curry as it would look really pretty in them

  48. Beverley Bowe

    Thai yellow curry on a bed of rice and lettuce, the colour and textures will look great to serve friends for dinner.

  49. Margaret Clarkson

    Homemade lentil soup because it would be an attractive way to serve it.

  50. Mike Nicholas

    Great review and what a beautiful prize to win!

  51. Mike Nicholas

    I think a fresh salad would be great in these

  52. Sally Collingwood

    Curry in the bowls would be great

  53. Alice Dixon

    Thai green curry because it’s a family favourite and would look amazing in these bowls

  54. Jim Milligan

    Jasmine rice with spicy Thai stir fry veg

  55. Hannah Treadway

    How lovely!

  56. Natalie Burgess

    Thai green curry as its one thing im good at! Xx

  57. Lyndsey

    I would make a lovely coconut curry, because we just love coconuts

  58. Thomas Hall

    I would use the bowls for soup in the winter and salmon with a chilli and lemon dressing in the summer

  59. Julie Winward

    A green curry

  60. Alica

    I think I would keep it simple with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit with some granola! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  61. Joanne

    Stir fry

  62. sarah h

    a nice curry


    these would be great for salads, love them

  64. Laura

    A Thai massaman curry with rice would be great to serve in these.

  65. Kim M

    Perfect for a chickpea curry with coconut rice x

  66. Donna Thomas

    They would make perfect breakfast bowls for my kids!

  67. Philippa

    Beef massaman with coconut rice

  68. laura stewart

    sweet and sour chicken 🙂

  69. Jo Hutchings

    My chunky chicken and mushroom soup because they look like they’d make great soup bowls.

  70. kathy cakebread

    they’d work great as soup bowls

  71. Dale Dow

    I would put my bolognase in it, we don’t serve it as found sometimes we put too much on plate, sometimes too little so now it all goes in a bowl

  72. Helen Tovell

    I would put a lovely warming Thai red curry in mine

  73. Natasha Barnes

    I’d serve my beef rendang in these – it’s my partner’s favourite dish!

  74. Nicki Evans

    Not quite Thai but definitely delicious, I would make Nasi Goreng

  75. Valerie Seal

    Sticky rice with mango – very authentic!

  76. Emma Morgan

    I’d serve coconut ice cream with a sprig of mint for garnish

  77. Jade Jones

    Id cook thai sweet chilli chicken

  78. Sharon Hirst

    Thai fish curry, would look fab served in authentic dishes

  79. Becky D

    Coconut rice pudding with dried mango and pineapple

  80. Vicki Joanne

    Thai vegetable curry with basmati rice

  81. Mandy MW

    I’d cook a Thai jungle curry, Kaeng pa, to remind me of a wonderful time touring Thailand many years ago.

  82. Heather Haigh

    laksa – a dish that seems perfect for these bowls

  83. Phil O'Connor

    Not only eat my crackle frostypops but play bongos too!

  84. Julia

    Coconut rice side dish.

  85. Laura Pritchard

    Some veggies & noodles for my kids!

  86. Caroline Hunter

    I think it would be nice to fill them with different sorts of rice as an accompaniment to a curry.

  87. Maria P

    rice and curry 🙂

  88. Katharine Downey

    I’d make a tastyThai Green curry to bring back memories of our trip there in 2014.

  89. Eva Vida

    cauliflower and chickpea curry 🙂

  90. melanie stirling

    Quorn chilli and rice, they would be perfect for that.

  91. Rebecca Nisbet

    i bet a curry would go lovely in one of these!

  92. Elzbieta Znyk

    Curry with chicken and rice would looks great in that bowl.

  93. Natasha Cross

    I would like to make a glass noodle miso ramen as it is the perfect size for it!

  94. Nadia Josephine

    I would make my vegan bean and jackfruit curry I think it would taste even better in these!

  95. Amanda Baggott

    They would be great to serve casseroles in in the winter!

  96. Keeley Griffiths

    My favourite weekly sweet potato and lentil curry would look so beautiful in these bowls!!!

  97. Samantha O'D

    Homemade icecream

  98. charlotte isobelle

    i love a goat curry so id serve that mm

  99. Jodie Green

    I would make a curry for one of our curry nights, lovely bowls

  100. Michelle Ferguson

    I would use them for curry as think it would look even more tasty

  101. Sacha Stacey

    A nice chicken caesar salad

  102. Cat

    Some nice vegan curry flavoured with coconut

  103. Laura Banks

    i think they would look great with a stir fry in as they look the part

  104. George

    Campfire stew or maybe a chilli! These would be awesome for our back garden ‘cook outs’.

  105. leanne weir

    I would cook tikka massala

  106. Emily Hutchinson

    massaman curry with coconut rice, just because it’s delicious!

  107. Amy Bondoc

    id make a red lentil curry when i visitee goa they made that and served in similar bowls!

  108. lise barlow

    these bowls would be ideal for ice cream in the garden x

  109. Nicole Woods

    Probably a lovely Thai green coconut curry – not too spicy!

  110. Pam Francis Gregory

    A nice Saag Aloo would be perfect

  111. Rachel Craig

    Thai Green Chicken Curry. As delicious, and would appear well presented in the coconut bowls. We would enjoy a wonderful dining experience due to the combination of prize, and meal.

  112. Holly Peterson

    A Thai Green chicken curry with Jasmine rice

  113. Alice O'Neill

    A Pad Thai coz it would look so authentic and appetising in proper bowls !

  114. Rachel Butterworth

    Chicken Chow Main because it’s my favourite.

  115. Karen Stirling

    Thai Green Curry, because it would look beautiful in these dishes.

  116. Tom Grade

    I’d use them for anything that required a bowl: cereal, soup, snacks, salad.

  117. Mark Johnson

    Thai green curry and rice as a favourite dish of mine

  118. Miffy

    Thai green curry with jasmine rice

  119. Ruth Harwood

    these would be great for sweet n sour pork with rice!

  120. Rebecca Whatmore

    A veggie curry and rice. They are brill – would use for snacks too.

  121. Christina Palmer

    A delicious home made stir fry with chicken and egg noodles

  122. Nicole Scott

    Definitely a mango and coconut curry!

  123. Claire Woods

    A Thai curry, because I think it would go well in these.

  124. Rachel Ginger

    Sweet and sour pork and rice

  125. Susan B

    They lend themselves to vegetable stir fry with cashew nuts. Informal and easy.

  126. Hekna

    A fragrant thai curry with rice would be great in these.

  127. Emma Hutchings

    Chicken chow mein because it’s my boyfriend and my my favourite

  128. Lorna Ledger

    Malaysian Beef Stew, as it uses a lot of coconut and spices

  129. Rikki Lipscombe

    Thai green curry perfect for these

  130. Kim Carberry

    I think I would have to make a stir fry of some sort. One of my families favourite meals!

  131. Rachel T

    A Fruit Salad


    thai king prawn green curry

  133. Fiona jk42

    I’d use these for sticky coconut rice with Thai green curry.

  134. Tina H

    Coconut curry and rice. These are so lush. Love them.

  135. kris mc

    Fried Tofu with sticky rice

  136. VicL

    Thai green curry and cumin spiced rice made with fresh herbs from my garden

  137. sam

    They look so beautiful and perfect to put curry in X #pocolo

  138. Suzanne Brzeski

    chicken red curry with rice

  139. Donna W

    I’m not great at making Thai food yet but these bowls would also be lovely filled with risotto or kedgeree.

  140. Helen L

    Peach and Chickpea Curry – cheap, vegan, easy, and very tasty!

  141. Hannah Goode

    I think a lovely curry with some fish and rice. Yummy.

  142. Globetrotter

    A type of rice pudding dessert made with saffron and coconut milk

  143. Laura Norcop

    I’d serve pad Thai 🙂 I travelled to Thailand in January with my parents, partner and our daughter and it was our fave meal

  144. Margaret Wacey

    Thai green curry would look amazing in these bowls.

  145. Maxine G

    i think they would make great Buddha bowls, filled with grains, veggies and maybe a coconut chutney

  146. Carrie-Anne Brown

    Spicy Salmon and Rice as its one of my family’s favourite dishes

  147. Sophie Carter

    I’d make / cook some rice and green Thai curry to put in the bowls as it would remind me of my time in Bali when I ate from coconut bowls. ❤️

  148. Mel Pennie

    My partners makes an amazing chicken curry which these bowls would be ideal for!

  149. Vivienne

    Perfect for porridge


    Would use them for a buffet, crisps, salad, nuts etc

  151. Megan Kinsey

    Malay laksa because it’s delicious!

  152. Laura Loo

    I would make a prawn laksa. It would look lovely in these bowls

  153. Andy Craig

    I’d do the classic – Red Thai Curry, surely there can’t be anything else!?

  154. Tommie


  155. lorraine kirk

    I’s serve up yellow curry and coconut rice because it’s my favourite meal

  156. Natalie Ainscough

    Coconut Rice

  157. Sylvia Paul

    My Hubby bought me an ice cream maker for my birthday so I would use the bowls for that x

  158. Natasha R-M

    They look as though you could serve multiple dishes from them. I would use them for vegan yogurt and fruit.

  159. Dayna

    I would use it as smoothie bowl for mornings

  160. James Travis

    Stik rice and chicken wings, love that and this would be good dishes for them

  161. Jack H White

    Chilli Con Carne! its my favourite food! and the bowls are great!

  162. Richard Hill

    chicken curry and rice would be very nice in these fantastic bowels

  163. Caroline Signey

    Thai green curry to carry on the theme

  164. Carolyn Payne

    I’d make Thai mango sticky rice I think it’s called Khao Niao Mamuang, but I might be wrong with the spelling. I love Thai desserts.

  165. Amanda Baggott

    I think a nice chicken chow mein would be great in one of these because its my favourite!

  166. Helen Thurston

    Cauliflower, chickpea and spinach curry on brown rice – one of my favourites.

  167. Kate Kathurima

    Thai green curry

  168. Karen Watt

    Thai noodle soup and green curry

  169. Lisa Carr

    Curries from Thailand and Malaysia containing coconut

  170. Louise Taylor

    spicy thai stir fry and sticky coconut rice – yummy!

  171. Sandra Foreman

    chicken curry and sticky rice would be lovely in these bowls

  172. Elisha Daniels

    Chicken and rice

  173. Juli Savage

    Yummy vegetarian biryani

  174. Heli L

    Basmati rice with sweet and sour chicken. Our family favourite.

  175. MichelleD

    Thai Green Curry would look perfect!

  176. z webb

    sweet chill chicken and prawn curry!! look lovely in these coconut bowls perfect for our tropical theme meal time.

  177. Sarah Roberts

    l think a lovely homemade Thai green curry would compliment these bowls perfectly!

  178. Susan Hoggett

    would love to serve my butternut squash and peanut soup in these bowls, it’s my favourite dish and the bowls would make it look amazing!

  179. Emma H

    Vegetable Thai green curry with rice noodles!

  180. Simone Griffin

    Something like a Thai coconut curry as I think it suits the bowls well x

  181. Alice Haynes

    A yummy thai green curry with sticky rice.

  182. Susan Willshee

    I’d serve a nice mixed vegetable rice because that’s one of hubby’s favourite foods

  183. Katie Witherington

    A chicken stir fry

  184. Lauren Hobson

    Everything!! Nearly every meal I eat is in a bowl lol…

  185. Laura Turner

    My coconut and green tea ice-cream with stem ginger. Salivating just thinking about it.

  186. Catherine Stewart

    Thai vegetable curry

  187. M Chung

    Would be an amazing soup or rice bowl!

  188. Sue Carter

    Spicy jerk prawn and mango curry with coconut rice

  189. min

    A veggie chilli – a favourite in our house

  190. Joanna Nichol

    Thai sweet chilli chicken with sticky rice

  191. Anneka Davies

    A smoothie bowl topped with fresh fruit and homemade granola as it would look so stunning and it’s my favourite breakfast to have

  192. Harry Truss

    Sweet and sour chicken with lemon rice! one of my specialities!

  193. Angela Kelly

    I would use them to hold snacks: Crisps, olives etc. They’d be a real talking point.

  194. Adrian Price

    an authentic green thai curry–which would look great in these bowls

  195. Debbie Dale

    I would serve up noodles with chicken in a black bean sauce in these stunning bowls

  196. Troy Easton

    I would cook and serve in the bowl Pasta with sauces because it would be perfect the bowl and I like Pasta.

  197. Francesca H

    Any rice bowls, a nice light curry, some veg sides – the look of the bowls would add to the impact of the dish!!

  198. Elaine Stokes

    thai red curry with coconut rice, my partners favourite and perfect for the first meal in our new home

  199. Amanda Gregory

    I would make a nice watermelon sorbet.

  200. Jacqui Mcloughlin

    Chinese style noodles!

  201. Samantha Milner

    These would be great for crisps and dips.

  202. Alison

    A thai curry, I think the bowls are perfect for that

  203. Lydia Graham

    Possibly a little boring but I’d use them for our homemade soups. Our 14 year old does a lovely chicken broth

  204. Amy Briscoe

    Its got to the a pad thai.. as authentic as you can get

  205. angela sandhu

    Punjabi vegetable curry

  206. Ioana Cristina Popescu

    Thai chicken curry as it’s my family’s fave recipe

  207. Courtney Jane Clarke

    I would cook a Thai Indian curry because it would capture the authentic ness of the bowls.

  208. Mary Carter

    sticky rice because I love it

  209. Monica Gilbert

    I think these would motivate me to try making a curry.

  210. Adrian Bold

    I would cook a Thai Indian Curry as we love it. Thanks for the competition!

  211. jacqui rushton

    A lovely paella, because the whole family loves it!

  212. Rebecca roberts

    These are so nice I would use them for carrot sticks etc and dips when the girls are over i would also us them for soup

  213. Carolynn Woodland

    Pad Thai – to remind me of a wonderful holiday in Thailand

  214. Allan

    A lovely green curry

  215. Monika Bascombe

    I think it would look great with either nuts in or couscous dish

  216. Sheri Darby

    Thai Green curry because it would look so good

  217. Rachell Lynch

    they would make great desert bowls, icecream and fruit

  218. Jessica Hutton

    Massaman curry the best Thai dish there is xx

  219. Debbie W

    Salad, pasta, rice, even crisps and nuts would be great to serve in these because they’re the perfect size for either individual portions of a meal or snacks for sharing.

  220. Trudie

    Thank you for the great chance to win this prize

  221. Amy Cray

    spicy noodles

  222. tishist

    I’d use them to serve something like a laksa

  223. Jeanette Leighton

    Chicken chow mein I love Chinese food and noodles would be perfect in a bowl

  224. sarah parker

    I’d serve a curry 🙂

  225. Samantha M

    A nice curry.

  226. Ruth Wollerton

    Love to cool down with some delicious icecream

  227. Sara-louise Groom

    These are amazing .. I would use them for a home made soup

  228. Eileen Tingle

    Curry and rice

  229. Emma Davison

    Curry or chilli. I think they would look good in the bowls.

  230. paula cheadle

    a chicken curry with pilaf rice


    Thai green curry with fragrant rice, as these bowls just scream to have a Thai green curry I them.

  232. Hannah Wilding

    I would make Chilli in these bowls. Chips would look good in a spare bowl. They would be goo for a lot of things though!

  233. Denise walton

    Chicken curry and rice

  234. Chris Taglialavore

    Great for nachos and other crisps and dips

  235. Amy Jo mclellan

    A Thai yellow chicken curry would be my first pick!

  236. chloe brill

    chicken curry and rice

  237. Teresa Sheldon

    I think these would make great dessert bowls and what better than coconut ice cream in them.

  238. Amanda Shortman

    Oh they look perfect for soups and stews, so I think I’d cook up a hearty stew with veg from the garden 🙂

  239. Lola


  240. Evette Williams

    Curried coconut chicken

  241. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    I’d dish up a quinoa bowl made with plenty of fresh local ingredients!

  242. Tammy Neal

    Thai curry

  243. Chirag Patel

    t would be a spicy veg curry

  244. ellie spider

    a nice sweet potato and chick pea curry – because I love it and also these bowls look like they would look great filled with it

  245. Richard Saunders

    Egg Fried Rice and Sweet and Sour Pork..coz its yummy

  246. Elizabeth Sorsby

    These would be great for a Chicken Pad Thai or Thai Green Curry & rice.

  247. Georgie Wright

    I’d serve fragrant rice in them to go with sweet chilli prawn & vegetable skewers.

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