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How To Support Your Child Through Disappointment

by S1m

Being a parent is a tough job and a life-long one at that! Your child will inevitably suffer disappointment and disillusionment at many points along the way as they grow up and even beyond. Here are some examples of the various times and things they will require support and assistance with and how you can best be there for them at these times.

How to support your child through disappointment regarding:

Childhood Traumas & Incidents

There are always some of these and at times to the child even the most minor thing can be catastrophic, world ending event! How you deal with childhood incidents can go a long way towards shaping your little one’s character long term. If you are caring but not pandering this is a good strategy as you will then teach them that you are always there to love and support them but that they also need to be strong enough to not over-rely on you and deal with some of the tough things on their own.

Ill Health

If a child is ill then it can be a stressful time enough if it’s just a cold, fever or virus, but what if it’s something more serious? You may have to be there for them having an operation, or other hospital stay. When these types of things happen all you can really do is be there for them, hold their hand, lots of cuddles and be honest with them about what their illness will involve.

support your child through disappointment

Education & School

Supporting your child through education is really one for the long term, they will have a minimum of 12 years in education and depending on what options they take in terms of further study or higher education, it could be 20 years or more! So you should firstly be there to set a good example, make sure homework is done, help and encourage where possible. Once they are getting to the end of their school years you may need to assist them in assessing their options, university, college applications, what if they don’t get in and panic? You can be there to show them there are always other places, other courses or options, for example if all their university courses reject them they can go for a second chance straight away with UCAS Extra, you may be faced with the question of What is UCAS Extra and you can help guide them through this. Once they are at university they almost certainly need financial and emotional support, so even if they’re out of the house you’re still supporting them.


This one can come at any time and the early ones will be teenage infatuation and will seem like the end of the world, you are really onto nothing here as they no doubt won’t believe you when you say it’s not the end of the world but you can just be a shoulder to cry on. Then, no doubt, for a little while they will want you to stay out of their emotional and love life so this bit is easy. But then you could be called upon gain for the real serious adult break ups and divorces etc, here you may be emotional support or even have to give them somewhere to stay as they sort out the end of such a relationship.

But no matter what they are always going to be our little darlings, aren’t they? So we’ll just be there whatever is needed.

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