Do You Really Need to Travel Abroad This Summer?

Do You Really Need to Travel Abroad This Summer?

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No matter why you are thinking about not taking a long haul or short haul trip this year, you will soon discover that there are so many things you haven’t seen in Britain, so you will not regret staying in the UK and seeing some of the cities and areas you always wanted to. Below you will find a few reasons why you should look for your next holiday destinations in Britain and not travel abroad this summer! 

Do You Really Need to Travel Abroad This Summer?

Your Budget 

Of course, flights to Europe can be cheap, but add on the cost of transport and the fact that the Pound has been performing worse in the past few months against the Euro, chances are that you could make more out of your holiday budget at home. In the summer, after all the kids are off school, you will be lucky to find an affordable deal without booking a subpar or crowded resort. 

No Hassle with the Airport Check In 

If you are planning on traveling with your family, it can be a torture making sure everyone has their passport, their medication, and you will be in charge of making sure no electronics are left in their suitcases. Getting through security at the airport can take longer during the summer, and you can avoid travel hassle if you choose a domestic destination instead. 


Do You Really Need to Travel Abroad This Summer?

If you stay in Britain, yo can also stay more flexible. You will find it much easier to explore the different landmarks and stop wherever you want to. Taking your car with you will give you the flexibility you would not get anywhere else. If you choose to take the train, or you are visiting London or other big cities with an advanced public transport network, you can ditch the car and visit some of the best london shows without having to drive home.  

Staycation Trends 

In recent years, staycations have become more popular. You can take time off work or take a step back from your business and decide to see the part of your city or county you never had time to explore. You will need to plan your visit as if you were a tourist and not a local, and find something new to discover every day, returning to your home environment once you have finished making memories

Getting Close to Nature and Glamping

Camping Holidays Abroad

You don’t have to cross the border if you would like to get close to nature and stay in Britain. In fact, you could go just 20-30 miles down the road and take a glamping trip. No matter if you are looking for peace and quiet, secluded location, or a busier resort, you will find that the industry has grown fast in the past few years, so you can choose the perfect spot to take a break from your busy lifestyle. 

If you are not sure you can afford the price of a summer holiday abroad this year, or you would like to see more of Britain, there are plenty of great ways of doing so.

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