Tips On How To Combat Blogger Loneliness

Tips On How To Combat Blogger Loneliness

I love my work as a blogger, there aren’t too many who can say they actually love their job. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I want to tear my hair out, but for the most part, being a content creator is a really cool profession!

The major advantage is the freedom and flexibility to work when you want. Yes, just like everyone else, I also have deadlines to work to and for those I try my absolute best. However no-one can ever factor in moments when you need to step away from your desk, such as recently when Liv had her wrist fractured at school and required several hospital visits. Knowing I can simply step away and then continue with work at a later time without feeling I have missed too much… or for not being made to feel guilty for prioritising my daughter over work is absolutely priceless!

However, there are times when being freelance and staring at your laptop screen for more hours on a daily basis than is healthy, has a downside or two… mainly, the lack of company. How do you fill the silence that comes from not working in a busy office? It appears this post has come too late really as Loneliness Awareness Week was 17th June – 21st June, however I hope some of the tips help those who blog beyond that week! The tips really can relate to anyone working in a freelance/ self employed capacity!

Tips on How To Combat Blogger Loneliness

combat blogger loneliness walking dogs

Get out and about – 
I am fortunate that one of my best friends is a dog walker, who also enjoys company on her daily dog walking rounds. For me this is great as I have company, can have a gossip with a friend, get to cuddle lots of gorgeous (and sometimes downright bonkers) dogs and more importantly, I get outdoors. Fantastic for clearing away the cobwebs, both mentally and physically! In fact, it was a recent trip out with her that spurred me to write this post! Work will always be there upon my return, but those moments, out in the sun won’t be. If you do not have any dog walking friends, just get out for a walk anyway, even if it is just around the block. There are so many positives to simply getting out for a breather in the fresh air and you will return back to work with a renewed sense of vigour! Plus, doggie cuddles are the best!

Meeting blogger friends at Haigh Hall

Arrange blogger meet ups – 

Whilst bloggers are dotted all around, you would be surprised at how many are local to you… in some cases, very local! Jenny, a local blogger who isn’t just a ‘work colleague’ anyone,  over the years she has become a great friend… and only lives 2 minutes away from me! If it wasn’t for blogging, our paths may never have crossed, so I do owe a lot to the work that I do! We have regular work meet ups where we blog, drink lot’s of coffee and more importantly… chat! The world has been put to rights many time in Jen’s kitchen (and had many fashion shows!), if only those walls had ears! I always come away with a boost and find I am more productive whilst working with her! Jane is another local blogger friend who I meet with for coffee and chats, alongside family meet up’s during the holidays for geocaching adventures. You may not be as lucky to have a fellow blogger who lives so close, though it’s well worth finding out if you do!

Speak to people – 

I’m a Northerner, we will speak to absolutely ANYONE! Living in London was an eye opener to me, as I soon realised that no-one actually speaks! You may make someone’s day with a simple hello and smile and it costs nothing to give but can be everything to the person who receives it. Whether it be your neighbour, a fellow mum in the playground, the cashier at your local grocery shop, someone you simply pass in the street, a quick hello will give you both a boost!

Best Ever Lift Selfie BlogOn Xmas
A lift filled with lovely bloggers at a BlogOn conference

Join in with the blogging community – 

There are so many blogging groups on Facebook that are a really great resource to be part of – not only that, there are so many bloggers to chat to and befriend. If you aren’t sure about simply ‘putting yourself out there’, you can always send me a message over on the Sim’s Life Facebook page, I would be more than happy to have an online chin wag with you!

You never need to feel alone as a blogger, there will be hundreds who have the same questions as yourself; who may have lost the mojo; who may just want to chat about a TV show; who may want to chat about anything other than blogging etc… don’t ever feel you are the only one! The blogging community is great to be part of and who knows, you may find a bunch of new mates just like myself, all it takes is a simple hello!

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  1. chickenruby

    I guess its the same as anyone who works from home or like me, doesn’t work full stop (blogging is a hobby for me) I started photographing construction projects to get me out and about

    1. S1m

      It is indeed, though I can only write the post from the blogger perspective – though the tips can apply to all. Getting out there an experiencing life is what it’s all about! Plus, I totally love all your architectural pics – the odd cats cradle type building is amazing to look at, can’t wait to see more pictures of it!x

  2. Jenny @thebrickcastle

    Awww – we really could sort out the world sometimes. The dog-walking is excellent, it’s such a good thing to do in so many ways.
    I’d be very much on my own all day without you coming round for blog club or all the people I speak to online in groups and on social media – including you haahah.
    I’m very grateful for all of the friends I’ve made, but especially you. I only kept you sane because you had to babysit me and be sane for me 😛 Thank you x

    1. S1m

      Bless you! We really could, we have had some corking conversations! 🙂 We keep each other sane chick, so grateful you live so close, I’m very lucky indeed! 🙂 Walking the dogs is fab, I get to spend time with them… without the hassle of vet bills! 😉 x

  3. Sam

    Going out can do you the world of good and clear your head X #pocolo

  4. ClearlyBex

    I love getting out and about when I’m feeling lonely, I live in a small town close to our family business now (where I work part-time to help alleviate the loneliness as I don’t have friends as such here yet) but on my days off I love taking a good stroll and getting some freedom. Fab post x

    1. S1m

      Get outside into the great outdoors and fresh air is an absolute winner when it comes to blowing away the cobwebs! You are lucky to be able to work part time in the family business, bet you look forward to the peace and quiet when you are back to freelance days! 😉 Thanks for your lovely words! x

  5. Sarah Bailey

    These are such great tips – you are so RIGHT that blogger loneliness is a real thing. People think we probably have it easy but it is such a hard job at times and loneliness is one of the reasons it is. I am so glad you have made a great co-working blogger friend and meetups for those who can go are such a great idea as well!

    1. S1m

      Thank you so much Sarah! It is a real thing, for as much as it is great to work at home around your lifestyle, there are drawbacks we don’t consider at the time. Getting out and about really does help to give you a boost though!x

  6. Valerie

    Yes, working from home can be super rewarding but it doesn’t afford the human contact a typical office workplace does. I often wish there were more bloggers in my area.

    1. S1m

      Put out a shout out Valerie, there maybe some local bloggers to yourself who also want to meet up. The lack of human contact can be such a strain, however the peace of not working in an office can be glorious!x

  7. Rhian Westbury

    I think this would be one of the reasons why I couldn’t freelance full time as I struggle to talk to people anyway but at least going to work I’m forced to do it z

    1. S1m

      I guess it helps that I am quite a gregarious character anyway – I will just talk to anyone. For those who are more on the shy side, it can make freelance work seem even worse. Even just getting out and about on a walk, it helps to clear your mind and can also result in some fantastic inspiration, either for a post or photo wise. Spending time away from the screen is so important x

  8. Laura Ferry

    I have always felt so left out of blogger friendships but as daft as it sounds i found the hinching community on insta this year and its made me feel so much happier about being online! xxx

    1. S1m

      Awww no, I am sorry you have felt that way love. Are there any bloggers local to you? Glad you have found a community you feel happy being part of. Huge fan of Zoflora myself!x

  9. Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    There are days when I am thankful for the solitude of working alone, although I do miss working in an office with others to ask questions to, chat about the day or even just to look at (in a non-creepy way).

    1. S1m

      I am far too set in my ways now, I do love the peace and quiet but definitely need interaction on a daily basis! Love all my blogger and non blogger friends and the fact they keep me sane without even realising! 🙂 LOL! Just stare at people, love it!x

  10. Rebecca Smith

    These are some really great tips – I do find myself getting a little lonely sometimes.

  11. Lisa

    As a fellow blogger, I agree that it can get lonely staying in your own bubble. It’s harder when none of your friends understand what you do, or how much work you put into your blog either! Lol I love northerners, you’re so friendly, and chatty too, which I like. In London, everyone’s a lot more closed off sadly.

    1. S1m

      I am totally biased, but Northerner’s are the best! 😉 Fully agree with the sentiment than non-bloggers do not understand what we have to do! The number of people who state that blogging isn’t a job… they are right there… it’s about 6 jobs all rolled into 1! Getting out there and enjoying life as it goes by keeps momentum going, it’s easy to forget that when staring at a screen sometimes!x

  12. michelle twin mum

    Oh yes, so imporant to get otu and have some fresh air and a little conversation. I love going to coffee shops and people watching whilst I work. Mich x

  13. Stephanie Merry

    I love these tips! I find meeting up with local bloggers a great way to combat blogger’s loneliness x

  14. Morgan Prince

    I love this Sim!
    I’ve never really suffered with the loneliness thing because despite working in my little office all day I’ve had the Hubby downstairs who often popped in to say hello and have a chat. Now though he’s working in an office and the house is awfully quiet during the day. It’s only my second week working at home on my own and I’m doing okay so far (probably because I’ve got so much to do!) but I know that when that loneliness hits there are fabulous bloggers around I can turn to. xx
    Thanks for sharing with #pocolo

    1. S1m

      Aww thank you Morgan! I hope you are enjoying your peace and quiet whilst being productive! For the times the quiet becomes a little too deafening, I hope the tips help! xx

  15. Elen Mai

    I’d never given much thought to this previously but blogging can definitely be a lonely past-time! Especially when you get caught up in the full swing of blogging and the online world. These are such great tips to get out in the real world – it’s so important to spend time in the company of others. xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

    1. S1m

      For some full time bloggers, they will feel it more especially, that’s why it is important to get out in the world and socialise. The online world can seem so sparkly, but don’t miss the best parts away from it!x

  16. stephanie 139a

    Great tips Sim – there’s plenty of blogging community people and events if you look for them, and plenty of bloggers are in the shame position too, and often at the same time. I’ve always found the blogging community super supportive. Thanks for sharing wtih #PoCoLo

  17. Debbie

    Hi Sim, I work from home most of the time and whilst I do love it, it is important to down tools and to step away from the computer. Walking the dogs is my favourite exercise for energising myself again. Unfortunately, there aren’t any fellow bloggers that I know nearby, there was one lady on mainland Greece who moved to the US (was it something I said?). Saying that though the blogging community are such a fantastic online bunch that really doesn’t matter.


    1. S1m

      It is definitely very important to factor in some downtime – however the blogging community is excellent for cheering you up! 🙂 xx

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